Rising Brooklyn bred hip-hop Artist, Young Litty, is a motivator. He wants to leave a positive impact on his listeners. Ever since his big brother let him listen to his Tupac CD, it has been his ambition to leave his mark on the music industry, and Young Litty is doing just that. Young Litty has generated over a quarter million views on his music videos and has garnered interest from MTV and Atlantic Records. He even turned down a $100K contract from an independent label because it’s not all about money and material objects for Young Litty. A hit platinum album is on his wish list too, something Young Litty aims to do whilst changing the narrative for lyricists in hip hop. Young Litty is all about self-expression and showing others they can be who they want to be, take on anything, and overcome all obstacles in their way.

Check out Young Litty’s latest video below.

Featured Image by Young Litty