They call me The Lady With 28 Hours a Day. It is because for 4 hours long in my day, I don’t waiver about “why did I do that? how do I need to do it?” When I show up to do something, it is always my best possible way of doing it.

Shamilla Williams is a dynamic professional speaker and holistic coach who calls the beautiful island of Aruba her home. She is a business owner, Wife, Mother, Grandmother, and philanthropist.

Shamilla has captivated audiences with her remarkable ability to maximize productivity and live a fulfilling life. With a deep-rooted passion for personal development and time management, she has dedicated her career to helping individuals and organizations unlock their true potential. She blends practical strategies with holistic principles, empowering her clients to achieve balance and success in all areas of life. 

Shamilla utilizes a unique approach which she calls her secret tool. It centers around the female reproductive cycle. Her clients are divided into two groups, females that can produce children and currently have a menstrual cycle and females entering menopause.

I take your female hormones into consideration, and map it, it’s called cycle syncing. We come out with a list of your good and active days, and I’ll map out a cycle, then I will check with you. What is your core business? What do you do for business? What is your lifestyle? I will combine all three into a time management map, into your agenda or your project tool, all those things that you know already and that you are already using or already adopting in your life.

As a professional speaker, Shamilla’s charismatic presence and engaging style with practical daily examples create an electrifying atmosphere in any room she enters. Her captivating talks inspire audiences to break free from the constraints of time and tap into their inner reservoir of energy and creativity. She credits her success to scheduling her professional speaking engagements around her cycle.

I only take the professional speaker engagements that pay me the most money on the two days of my ovulation because those are the two days that a woman is the best communicator that she can be for her life!

With a focus on actionable steps and mindset shifts, Shamilla equips her listeners with the tools they need to make the most of every moment. Hence the illusion of having more hours in your day than the rest becomes part of your life. 

You will do more, in less time, I promise. I’ve been there, done it and will show you how to do it too. 

In addition to her speaking engagements, Shamilla works as a holistic coach, providing personalized guidance to individuals seeking to transform their lives. Drawing from her extensive knowledge of various holistic practices, including energy management, she helps her clients align their lifestyle and well-being.

Shamilla’s expertise has been recognized by prestigious organizations and media outlets. She has been featured as a guest speaker at international conferences, corporate events, and leadership retreats, leaving a lasting impact on everyone she encounters.

Coming up for the end of 2023-2024, Shamilla is revamping her coaching programs and working on a new type of retreat which will be held in Aruba. 

It will be a four-day retreat in Aruba where I will invite business owners, entrepreneurs, and together we will coach each other during that retreat. It will be intimate and capped at six to eight participants. They will come and share expertise with others. I will be the coach and not only share my program, but also share some great things to do including a photo shoot in a flowing dress on the top of the highest point of Aruba!

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Shamilla is deeply committed to giving back to her community. She is a philanthropist at heart. She actively volunteers her time and resources to support local initiatives focused on education and personal development.

With her infectious enthusiasm and down-to-earth approach, 

I can help you make the most of your time and unlock the secrets of living a truly extraordinary life.

You can reach Shamilla:

Phone: +297 565 6032