Kembo Tom is a highly accomplished and dynamic Chief Creative Officer of KTC | a Creative Solutions Agency (“KTC”) based in Atlanta. He is renowned for his contributions to cutting-edge brand performances through multichannel marketing. His extensive experience spans over two decades, during which he has demonstrated a remarkable work ethic and an innate ability to challenge the status quo. As a culture-first marketer, Tom’s ideas and insights are highly sought after across various generations, genres, and media forms.

Tom specializes in print, television, radio, experiential, and social media marketing, brand and strategy development, execution, customized viral campaigns, creative direction, and digital development. Previous cross-industry clients include Durex, Peachtree TV, Cartoon Network, Timberland, L’OREAL, Current TV, Heinz, Adidas, Sprite, Nintendo, Sally Beauty, Maya Angelou Foundation, Lupus Foundation of America, GSK, Guinness, Kellogg, Nissan, Toyota, Don Julio, Verb, It’s What You Do, TAG Body Spray, Smirnoff, Beats by Dr. Dre, and Truth.

Tom has managed over 50 million in marketing campaigns and creative programming by taking an anthropological approach to marketing by putting the human interest first. He often conducts business between Fortune 50/100 companies, government entities, smaller organizations, and their varying target audiences. Versatile, empathic, and intuitive, he leads with brand strategy and adapts the various marketing mediums (old and new) to reach and often surpass the established KPIs. A notable award includes the AdColor®’s Innovator of the Year Honoree in 2008, undeniably a considerable accomplishment in the marketing industry. To learn more about Tom and KTC, visit

Photo Credit: KTC