In addition to living, there must be lessons involved. Founder of Boss Girl Organization Xara Kemp gives entail on being a boss at a young age along with lending young ladies the proper tool for success. In addition to running her own business, Kemp voices her goals for the company while gearing up for Boss Girl’s first ever Inaugural Black-Tie Gala. Keeping its momentum, Kemp continues to manifest upcoming projects while turning a girl into a boss.

Having a mind filled with curiosity, Kemp began her company by doing research on billionaires discovering that women only cover thirteen percent of the six hundred billionaires in the world. Searching for more answers, she decided to bring awareness to others by helping younger girls reach for what is to be looked at as unreachable. Addressing bigger issues such as help shifting economic equality, and to help girls globally, Kemp raises the bar when it comes to setting goals at a young age.  As her age does not factor the message she Is providing, it is the uniqueness of her organization that holds impact. “I want mine to be uniquely different from the other nonprofits. To show that we do much more in this organization. And we experience a lot more in this organization, and we have a real sisterhood.”

In addition to sharing her knowledge, Kemp prevails her expectations towards prepping for the Gala, as well as what we as a culture can learn throughout this event and the many more to come. “I want to be ab le to give ya’ll information that a lot of people don’t seem to realize, because as a kid I did do some researching like I stated I found a whole lot of information and the income equality isn’t matching up because women are very low ranked then men are. So that’s mainly what I am going to talk about in my Gala and help people realize that we need to shut this phase down now. And we can’t wait do it in another eighteen years where there happens to become another female billionaire.”

Remined of those who have been embraced in her excellence, Kemp prevails on what has soon yet to come for herself but also for her sisters. “I want girls being happy with the experience, I may have founded the organization but I’m also going through it, so I just want to feel that I created more friends, created a sisterhood and knowing that my girls are also my support system.” Pouring a steady mindset to follow as to what’s in store for the young boss, Kemp explores the endless possibilities of future events and remain as a strong leader by rallying movements in support of women’s rights.  Never forgetting the sisterhood that she has built; Kemp moves forward along with them by giving accessible knowledge for young women to grow. Relaying the message to “Dream bigger and turn a girl into a boss.”

Photo courtesy of Boss Girl Organization