Who is behind Pretty Melanin the brand?

Esther Joseph born in 1997, Haitian American woman who is a registered Pediatric Nurse with hopes of being a DNP that can help service the less fortunate. A strong believer that God blesses those who believe in his promises (Luke 1:45). So starting a business at only 19 years old with no savings & no job was not a crazy idea to her at all.

How did Pretty Melanin come to fruition?

I’ve come across too many women like myself who have struggled with acne, blackheads, acne scars, uneven skin, huge pores, etc for years. I’ve tried just about everything but it would solve one problem but cause another problem due to the chemicals in the products. (burns, irritation, etc)

I became so self-conscious about my skin and felt less “pretty”. I always felt like my skin complexion was three different shades and immediately drowned my face in makeup. When it was three different textures (rocky, slippery, & bumpy) my confidence went out the window! You can’t treat natural skin with unnatural skin remedies. Maybe if my face was made out of GMO then maybe I could treat it with acidic & chemical-based products right?

After speaking with my father who studied natural medicine for over 30 years, I made a decision to take care of my skin by going to our own backyard. After lots of research written by Naturopathic doctors and speaking with a dermatologist, I have come up with a natural, safe, and organic skin remedy that has changed my life. There are absolutely no processed chemicals, preservatives, or fragrances!

Every jar is made with love, in hopes of being able to also be the solution to another black girl’s skin problem. Because a pretty face and pretty melanin go hand in hand.

What are the must-have products from Pretty Melanin for a black girl?

The Dark Spot Corrector is a must-have! Black people tend to struggle with uneven skin tone. From hyperpigmentation to acne scars, and more. The sugar scrub is great for a deep clean, gentle exfoliation without causing microabrasions. 

What is Pretty Melanin?

Pretty Melanin Skincare is an Organic skin care line curated for melanin but works for all skin types. We are committed to providing our consumers with high-quality natural skin products. Our skin remedy includes organic oils such as lavender oil, olive oil, and more. They are packed with Vitamin E, enriched with aloe, pure honey, Rosemary extract, and more. Water is never added, you get precisely what you paid for. Everything used was already put on this Earth by God. Plants and oils from plants are what our ancestors used centuries ago before there were bars of soap and acne creams.

How does Pretty Melanin differentiate when it comes to all the other skin care products? What sets you all apart?

What sets Pretty Melanin Skincare apart from other brands is our results, reviews, and commitment to our consumer’s satisfaction. We go above & beyond to not only put our consumers first but also educate our audience on how to gain & sustain healthy skin outside of skin care products. We do this with holistic approaches regarding diet, sleep, stress, hygiene, hormones & more.

You were once working with a lot of major influencers. Did that help with growing the brand?

We have worked with major influencers from household celebrities like Romeo Miller, Cynthia Bailey, Shenseea, De’arra, Vivica Fox, Dess Dior, Tami Roman, Remy Ma, and more! They have not only loved our products but loved them enough to help bring exposure to our brand to their audience, peers, and loyal fans. We are grateful for every influencer we have worked with and for those who have supported us behind the scenes!

Picture Credit: Pretty Melanin