The Crump family created an independently owned brand prior to covid and had their public launch at the height of the covid pandemic. This bold leap of faith led the Crump family to a victorious $11 million gross revenue generated from a $6 product in its first year. The company is on track to meeting their first major fiscal goal of $100 million by the end of this fiscal year.
The Crump family has been able to support hundreds of thousands of women across the country, through their business and nonprofit Justice. The natural feminine product brand advocating for sustainable and responsible manufacturing. The products are non-toxic (chemical free), making them safer for the menstruation and our environment.
A few years ago, Demond Crump’s wife, Qiana, experienced a terrible reproductive health issue where doctors recommended that she undergo a surgery that would require a partial hysterectomy. The heavy bleeding that she was left with after the procedure caused Demond to seek after a prototype sanitary pad that surpassed the absorbency of anything they were able to find in Big Box stores. The prototype cost the family $6 to produce and about a year to bring to market.
They have consumers all over the world swear by our triple absorbency and have shared sentiments of it being like nothing they’ve experienced before. Demond Crump shares that this type of work has strengthened his emotional intelligence and is a constant reminder of the education that is still needed to help men understand the complexities that women may face in regards to menstruation. When young men are not educated on the menstrual cycle or looped into discussions on women’s reproductive health, they grow up to become adult men who are not supportive of women during “that time of the month”.
They create memes that paint women as “crazy” or hard to deal with when in fact, a woman having a period is the only reason they exist today. It is important that men educate themselves on the menstrual cycle so that they grow to become emotionally supportive partners, fathers and friends for women… especially during that time of month.
Brand Mission:
Regin Sanitary Napkins empowers women to take their health into their own hands and utilizing natural feminine products is only the beginning.  Period taboo is a real thing within the Black community! Not only are many women left feeling voiceless regarding their periods, but also their overall reproductive health.
The use of clean products not only provides many health benefits, but it is also a reminder that no matter your race, ALL women deserve access to affordable clean products that don’t compromise their health as well as access to information concerning periods and reproductive care. Reign is dedicated to amplifying the voices of those who once felt silenced by shame and their products are a reflection of that commitment.