When it comes to receiving the ultimate glam experience in Atlanta, Vie Beauty should be your go-to spot.  The owner Jasmine Lewis is a true beauty professional and from the start to finish of whatever service you partake in, I can assure you that you are in for a treat.  From lash extensions, facials or even a yoni steam Vie Beauty will get you together…. Check out my interview below with the founder….

How did you get your start in the industry? 

I got started in the industry after I took an eyelash extension lash class from Eye Magic International and from being creative. Vie Beauty came after I made the decision to take control of time after losing my grandmother. While building my business, I attended Elaine Sterling to further my professional career and knowledge as a licensed esthetician. When my skin is flourishing, I feel good just like when you look good you feel good. I knew this would be the driving force behind Vie Beauty – who doesn’t want clear and healthy skin or beautiful lashes? One of my major goals was to be able to work in my passion, build generational wealth, create a brand, product, and leave a legacy for my family that we all could be proud of. The beauty industry allows me to have creative freedom while impacting so many lives. 

What skincare tips would you recommend for our readers to do during this time? 

I recommend for people to keep it simple.  At home routines should be simple but consistent. Make sure you are cleansing your face at least once a day (even though you have been home all day in your pjs) to rid of all of the build-up, sweat and dirt that accumulates daily. Keep your skin hydrated and wear SPF. Hydration is key so increase your water intake and apply hydrating products. Add a humidifier if the air is dry in your home. You still need to protect your skin inside because UV rays can still penetrate the skin from working by a window with natural light or taking a walk around your neighborhood. Eat a balanced diet and get enough sleep to take care of your skin internally and externally.

Tell our readers about Vie Beauty? 

Vie Beauty is based in Atlanta, GA. The Focal point of Vie Beauty is glamour and beauty that boosts self-confidence and self-satisfaction. We transform you daily routine into instant glam. Vie Beauty is a place where you can spend a small part of your day to experience our luxury services such as lash extensions, facials or yoni steams. We create experiences at Vie Beauty where our clients feel a sense of being, priority & peace.

Vie Beauty is also a space where other beauty professionals can gather for events such as pop-up shops, industry mixers or host makeovers. Our project, Faye’s Love, brought makeup artists, estheticians, photographers and hairstylist together to provide an ultimate makeover experience to women that had been affected by cancer. Our latest project was our second annual Galentine’s Day party at Atlanta Mission My Sister’s House. We just launched our first product digitally on Friday which is a hydrating facial rose water that is great for all skin types. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties that reduces inflammation and rejuvenates the skin. It can be used to prep set or refresh your skin.

photo by The Fords 

As a entrepreneur, how are you keeping your business moving during this time? 

I am staying positive, I have to-these are some very unfortunate times. After being mandated to shut down, I have had to pivot my whole business structure mainly because I have been strictly service based up until yesterday with the introduction of our product, 30ROSES. I am offering virtual skin consultations for all of my clients as well as tips and beauty hacks that they can do while at home. I have been attending quite a few virtual conferences and webinars to help propel me forward during this time.

What is a quote that you live by? 

“I don’t have any limitations on what I think I could do or be” and “you can always go harder.”

What’s next for Vie Beauty? 

Our beauty skin care products. I am excited to see how the impact that this product will have in the industry and on people day to day. Every person that purchases our full size bottle receives a 15 minute complimentary skin consultation to discuss current skin routine and how the product can be used in their current regimen. Our next venture will be ideal for women with oily skin. Besides products, we plan to teach more women of color how to care for their skin and host more community-based projects when we are able to socialize in the near future. Stay tuned and you can subscribe to our mailing list and stay up to date on upcoming community projects, launches and sales! 

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Featured Image by Alisa Camille’s Photography