The brainchild behind the brand Heavens Touch Naturals Danielle, she started the brand due to her passion for creating a healthy and clean beauty line for Skin and Hair called Heavens Touch Naturals. A full product range for your curls, we speak with the entrepreneur to discuss what distinguishes her hair care line from others and much more..

Can you tell me about your brand and the inspiration behind the name?

Heavens Touch is an award winning, handmade natural haircare range for dry kinky, curly and wavy hair. I developed Heavens Touch because it was my desire to create clean, safe, effective, plant-based hair and skincare using the best natural ingredients and scientific knowledge. The name was inspired by my Pastor who after trying my products when I was still in the hobbyist stage, he said to me I should call my company Heavens Touch and so I did.

What is your career background and how did it shape you to start your own business?

My career background is in the construction industry. I started as a site supervisor and progressed to management. I love sequencing the various phases and trades as I have attention to detail and enjoyed the process of seeing all the previous works coming together to create the finished project. When I first started there were hardly any females on site, let alone black females so I have become used to stepping out on my own into unknown territory and carving out a niche for myself and I have now done this in cosmetics, the total opposite to construction.

I have always been a creative person from a very young age, but I didn’t aspire to be an entrepreneur. It just so happens that my life turned out that way.

What is the biggest challenge you have encountered since starting Heavens Touch Naturals and how did you overcome it?

The biggest challenge that I have encountered was formulating Fresh Curls shampoo. Every time I thought that I had perfected the recipe I would wake up to a failed batch in the morning. It was incredibly frustrating but through studying cosmetic chemistry at a higher level I understood the process of making a shampoo and was finally able to formulate a stable product.

The industry is saturated with natural haircare brands, what distinguishes the brand from other natural hair brands out there?

Heavens Touch key focus is on ingredients, efficacy and innovation. Each product is handmade with the needs of fros and curl at the forefront, so potency and effectiveness are a must. I have taken the time to understand a multitude of ingredients and how they can benefit our hair. My award-winning range has been developed and formulated by myself to bring about botanical nourishment and luxury that works! because that is what I was seeking at the time on my natural hair journey but couldn’t find.

Describe the process into what goes into making the products?

I always start with a problem then embark on creating the solution. This involves a lot of research. After this draft formulas are made then experimentation begins! this is the fun part for me but can involve lots of trial and error before the desired product is achieved and this can take months/years for me as it has done in the past.

Do you have a personal favourite from the collection and why?

I often get asked this question and I find it hard to answer but I would say Fresh Curls shampoo. I look forward to cleansing my hair which is a big shift from when I was younger and early on in my adult natural hair journey where I had bad memories and experiences. This has changed thanks to Fresh Curls because my hair feels soft, it’s not stripped, I can detangle with it and I love the scalp tingling sensation, it’s amazing.

What would you like Heavens Touch Naturals to be remembered for?

Transforming the wash day experience for the kinky and curly haired community.

What advice would you give to other aspiring beauty entrepreneurs?

Have patience, be consistent and persistent in your aspirations. It is not a race but a marathon, so live your truth and stay focused on your goals. I also highly recommend doing your research, research and then more research.

You can find Heavens Touch Naturals here.