Francis Kway and Jehu Graham are on a mission to close the wealth gap and empower people ‘to become financially free through financial education and showing them how to build generational wealth.’ The talented business partnership began in 2018 after the investment leaders met in Washington, D.C. Sharing Ghanaian roots and a commitment to empowering, Kway and Graham started a group chat on Instagram, giving out tips on financial tools, resources, and education to those interested.


“The community, now known as the Cheat Code community, began to grow fast, so we felt inspired to develop a solution that could help everyday people trade in the stock market. In 2020, we founded Cheat Code ALGO–a proprietary algorithm to assist individuals in trading. The trend trading system allowed us to share education and insight to beginners, intermediate and experienced traders looking to profit from the financial markets,” the founders said.


Cheat Code’s platform is increasing, turning into a multi-million-dollar enterprise. The founders also launched the NVST Foundation, Cheat Code’s non-profit branch. The branch provides ‘anti-recidivism efforts to aid current and previously incarcerated populations and several other financial educational literacy programs for children and high school and college students.’



How can Cheat Code ensure a flawless beginner experience for people in marginalized communities?

Trading and investing may be perceived as intimidating concepts, at first. That’s why our offerings start with the basics and can be built upon. Cheat Code is a platform created by real people, who want to help marginalized individuals invest in themselves and make their money work for them.


Our resources (like the Cheat Code Discord), courses, and tools take our members by the hand and guide them through a step-by-step process on how to reach their financial goals.


Also, Cheat Code Academy includes beginner-friendly Masterclasses in stocks, forex, crypto, futures and real estate. The mentors and experts who engage in the Discord and teach the Masterclasses are from all walks of life and started as traders on the Cheat Code ALGO trading system. Therefore, they know, firsthand, the technical and even personal challenges that come with trading and ultimately creating a path of financial freedom. We also provide 24/7 support to any community member that needs help.


Francis Kway

Tell us about Cheat Code’s Self Study Products. How did you all create the brilliant idea of Trading Flash Cards?

After developing e-learning solutions, we recognized an underserved area of real-world financial education and are now committed to developing resources such as Study Guide Books, Trading Flashcards, Encyclopedia of Stocks, our in-person Academy program, and different children’s educational materials.


One of our best sellers, Cheat Code’s Trading Flash Deck, was developed to help the beginner-level trader learn how to read trading chart patterns and to make it easier to enter the trading world. We saw a need for something fun and tangible and used that to help the community learn more about trading.


With more than 17,000 members in Cheat Code’s community, how imperative is it for investors and traders to have this support system?

“Each one, teach one” and having a support system helps investors and traders learn something from somebody every day. With the Cheat Code community, there are multiple eyes and ears watching the market, which prevents one individual from watching multiple stocks on various screens and more importantly, there are peers–of all experience levels–that can offer help in real-time. This support allows an individual to grow their trading skills faster.

Jehu Graham

Some people lack financial resources and have always yearned for generational wealth but are scared to get involved in investing and trading. As successful financial literacy leaders, what advice would you give them to get started on their journey?


First and foremost, your education is the most critical component to your success in life, and you provide the biggest return on investment. Education comes in many forms–and there’s a lot of value in the information that’s freely accessible. For example, we have free videos on our Cheat Code TV YouTube channel with tips on trading and investing, and there are several others from a variety of trusted resources that are available online.


You don’t have to be a trading and investment expert to be successful and you don’t have to pay thousands of dollars to get involved in the market. We’d encourage people–especially those that look like us–to do what they can to get started now and to put their money in a position to grow in the long-term. Saving your money is important but diversifying your investments can have bigger returns over time.


Each step you take to become financially literate equips you with the knowledge and therefore the ability to invest in yourself and ultimately create financial success for you and your loved ones.


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