Cora Christain gives new meaning to the term “Ice Queen”
with her revolutionary body sculpting method!

When it comes to the beauty industry, new trends come and go like buses. There is always something new for us to try so that we are putting our best faces and bodies forward. One new rapidly growing trend, in particular, is the practice of body sculpting which offers several non-invasive methods for getting rid of stubborn body fat, all while targeting specific areas of the body. Cora Christian, whose background includes working in a plastic surgery clinic, began learning about body sculpting and the technology behind it that makes it so effective. It was during her research of these practices, that she found herself more and more interested in body sculpting, and eventually decided that she was going to open her own body contouring enterprise, Beyond Beauty  in her hometown, Jackson, Mississippi. Christian says that while she did do well with her business, she wanted to be able to offer a more substantial result, in a shorter period of time; so she began to study some of the other methods that were out there. She also referred back to her professional background to help to connect some of the dots so that she could find a way to provide what seemed to be missing in the industry. It was from this determination to bring a superior experience to her clients that her history-making method of targeting fat using her own hand-made Body Sculpting Ice, came to fruition.

Citing her mantra, “before you go under the knife, try ice,” Christian says that her technique has the ability to provide dramatic results immediately! “The handmade Body Sculpting ice is a non-invasive procedure, and a thermogenic activation that breaks down fat and burns extra calories,” reveals Christian. “The cold procedure tones, shapes, and tightens fat- immediately.” Christians’ revolutionary body ice method offers a jaw-dropping result without ever having to get an incision! The forward-thinking business woman took some time out of her busy jet-set lifestyle to talk to SHEEN about how she came into the business,  and she is changing the world of body contouring as a black woman making history in her field.

With Body Contouring being a fairly new trend, how did you learn about it, and how did you decide that you wanted to get into this business?

I started to learn about it when I was working at the University of Mississippi Surgery Center and I worked in their  Plastic Surgery Clinic. That is what introduced me to it. I learned about cavitation and laser therapy, and it started from there. I started out working with family and friends and the results were about the same, but with the cavitation method, there were results  but they required a lifestyle change, and sometimes it takes a little while to see results. I worked with Coolsculpting which did get a result but still, I wanted to be able to give my clients faster results so I created my product which is called Body Ice. This is an organic product that tones and shapes the body without needed invasive surgery.

How does it feel to be a Black woman that has created this technique that can have such a huge impact on the body sculpting industry?

At first, it was kind of overwhelming because I was really just wanting to do something to help my clients. I never thought about training, but I remember my best friend telling me that I should train others because other people needed to know how to do this. It has been overwhelming and crazy, but it is exciting.

What are some of the challenges that you have faced in building your brand and business as a Black woman?

I have had some others try and copy the technique without really understanding or knowing what went into my technique. I love seeing people grow and build but I just want people to do it the right way and get the training so they are doing it the right way.

Talk to us about the advice that you would give to someone that wants to get into the industry that you are in?

I always say watch yourself and try not to get caught up in what someone else is doing and trying to keep up with what someone else is doing, or the life that people portray on social media because very often what you see is not really the case. Just keep your eyes on your own paper!

What do you say to someone that may be considering doing a risky procedure?

Definitely for some of the ones that may have health issues, sometimes they will go to the Dominican Republic because there are fewer restrictions there to get procedures done, but that is risky because they don’t get the medical background and sometimes they get surgeries not knowing that they have medical issues. I try to relay to customers that while my procedure may be a little uncomfortable, the ice may cause you to be a little cold for a little while, but it is much safer than taking the risks of going under the knife or getting put to sleep, or possibly developing blood clots that you may not be aware of. I try to let them know but sometimes people have their minds made up and also, some people may need to go under the knife because they may have a more severe case. We are not against the knife because we also provide post-operative care, we just want you to be safe about the way you go about it. If you are going to go under the knife, just make sure that you do your research and you are aware of everything that you need after the procedure, the right garments and lymphatic massages, and all those things. Just make sure that you are safe with it.

Christian, who says that the results from her revolutionary Body Ice treatment are permanent with maintenance, says that how many services you need may vary depending on your current body type and your overall goal. She recommends doing light exercise, maintaining healthier eating habits, and she also points out that drinking water is a key component of the success of the service as well. The bossed-up trailblazer, who is also a wife and a mother, says that she finds her own way to create work/life balance with her busy family. She says that while it is challenging, her family has come to understand that ‘mommy is a boss,’ and she is building something that the entire family can be proud of.

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All images courtesy of Beyond Beauty LLC