Today more than ever, many are walking away from the corporate, cubical, clock in- clock out life to launch their own businesses and brands and mostly remote, relying on the world wide web to work its magic in bringing customers and clients to their beautiful websites, services and products. 

While it sounds easy, creating a great product/service and launching a website that your dream customers and clients swoon over really isn’t “easy” – behind the pretty pictures, there’s actually a science, a hidden gem that not everyone may understand how it works, why they need it, and ultimately how it can pivot your site to the next level. 

We’re talking about SEO and one woman who’s helping businesses navigate this is Zhe L. Scott aka The SEO Queen. Zhe Scott, The SEO Queen, was born to a network administrator for a mother, and a computer scientist and software developer father. She was raised with computers starting with Atari and Commodores. She built her first website in 1996, and after working for a digital marketing agency and growing her book of business from $0 to $500,000 in two years she decided to launch her own digital marketing agency, The SEO Queen in January 2017. 

Before launching her brand, Scott worked with other agencies and soon saw the need to create products and services that will help Black Owned and Woman Owned Businesses grow and thrive online. With an MIT degree in the science of information technology management, Zhe is a sought after digital marketing partner who procures tangible results for client companies. Wins on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are transparently tracked, monitored, and evaluated. Return on Investment is always considered when any digital marketing strategy is crafted.

The SEO Queen Team is a transnational team that spans 3 continents and includes software developers, publicists, social media analytics, and seo analysts. The SEO Queen helps businesses get more clients and revenue without paying for advertising through the power of SEO, Website Design, and Mobile App Development. Since the launch of The SEO Queen in 2017, The SEO Queen has driven over $80,000,000 in revenue; generated 100,000,000 of Search Engine Impressions, 10,000,000+ podcast downloads and streams. In addition to achieving amazing results for her clients. 

Not knowing much about SEO myself, I am honored to have interviewed this powerhouse of a woman to help us all better understand SEO. 

Q: What is SEO and why is it important? 

SEO Stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the marketing tactic that generates organic website traffic for a brand from search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. It is important because consumers trust organic results much more than paid advertising, In addition it is more than 64% cheaper than outbound marketing. SEO puts your business in front of your ideal client at the moment in time that they are looking for your products and services. Over 40% of all consumers click on Google Page 1 place 1. This is very valuable digital real estate. SEO attracts your ideal customer at the moment in time that they are ready to shop and/or buy.

Q: What drove you to focus specifically on SEO? 

I chose SEO as my niche because I recognized that SEO is a game change. Search Engine Optimization eliminates the need to have millions of dollars to do outbound marketing to raise awareness. You can target your ideal customer for less than a dollar at the exact

moment in time that they are looking for your products and services. I knew that this would be a game changer for the long term growth of black owned and woman owned companies. Because of the lower investment I wanted to bring this service to as many business owners as possible.

Q: What are some SEO myths that you’d like to eliminate

SEO is dead, and SEO does not work are 2 myths. SEO is very important. It takes 20+ touches before people know that your business exists and getting new customers is the life blood of any company focused on growth. SEO helps to broaden a brand’s reach.

Q: What are the KPI’s and why is it important? 

How many times you come up on Search engine results pages, How many

website visits, and revenue generated.

Q: When clients come to you, what are some of their frustrations? 

Their website is not being indexed, not getting enough organic website traffic to their site. Not making enough money from their website.

Q: What information would you like SHEEN readers to know about The SEO Queen? 

The SEO Queen has a track record of success. You can read our case studies here: We are hosting our 2nd Annual Reach More Clients Power Conference at the Hilton in Long Beach, CA on Saturday July 23rd from 10AM – 3PM!. You can register by going to