As a wearer of many tiaras, Trailblazer Tiara M. Tucker of Dallas, TX, is a self-described “empowerment connector” who is also an entrepreneur, international speaker, social justice activist, mental health advocate, and philanthropist. She has worked behind the scenes in the fight against inequalities and police brutality, partnering with some of the nation’s most prominent civil rights attorneys and coordinating media strategies for high-profile cases. She has been the creator, executive producer, MC, host, moderator, and guest speaker for a variety of platforms and efforts over the years – allowing her to (loudly) speak in front of thousands of diverse audiences.

Tiara is an award-winning, visionary founder and CEO of Tiara PR Network, LLC, her communications boutique firm, and Speak That! Movement, Inc., her nonprofit making noteworthy strides in the women empowerment, mental health, and social justice space.

Sheen had the opportunity to chat it up with this mogul in the making.

Listen in……

Sheen: How have you used your influence to enhance the lives of others?

Tiara: I have used my influence to create platforms and resources that educate, empower, inspire, motivate, uplift, and connect diverse people from around the world, such as my Speak That! Talks and Speak Their Stories that I produce. I stand up and speak out against injustices, and I give back by regularly volunteering and serving, and creating opportunities for others to join. I have used my influence to promote, progress, and protect my clients. I have even used my influence throughout my 17-year career in Corporate America by being bold enough to curate and host events and conversations that spark thought and action on topics that would be deemed uncomfortable, yet are worthy of being understood.

Sheen: How do you keep going when you want to give up? Or, have you ever experienced this before?

Tiara: Anxiety, doubt, fear, and imposter syndrome confront me often, making me want to give up on my dreams. However, it never fails to receive a right-on-time text, message, or call, or come across a “random” stranger, song, or sermon that I felt was God using messengers to remind me that He did not leave nor forsake me. I also believe in the power of self-affirmations, so I speak life to myself all the time. When all else fails, I have a few songs that get me turned up!

Sheen: How do you plan to make noise this first quarter of 2022?

Tiara: I feel unstoppable this year and I am excited to make some good noise, necessary noise! My year kicked off by receiving the Andrew Purnell, Jr. Trailblazer Award, which is one of the highest honors any alum at Illinois State University can receive for being a trailblazer, groundbreaker, innovator, and pioneer. I am making noise leading my two organizations and as the campaign manager for Texas HD61’s first Black Woman Candidate Sheena King. I plan to make noise in the Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) space as the VP of D&I for the Dallas chapter of the Public Relations of Society of America. I’ll make noise at my inaugural Speak That! Movement Empowerment Brunchwhen we honor and celebrate some phenomenal women and community members. I am excited to launch Season 2 of my Speak That! Talks to use my voice to talk with guests from around the world about important topics. Lastly, I am working on a major social justice effort and some empowering coaching sessions that I will reveal soon!

Sheen: What is the mantra that you live by?

Tiara: The night before my grandmother died in March of 2006, she repetitively mumbled to me, “Keep the faith.” Later that month, my father died and I still recall our last face-to-face conversation when he said, “You go, girl.” That month changed my life, and I often remind myself of the power of keeping the faith and to keep going.

Sheen: What is it that one thing that Tiara knows for sure.

Tiara: I know that tomorrow is not promised, so the time to live our best life and leave our mark in this world is right now!

Sheen: How can people connect with you?

Tiara: Interested people can follow me on Instagram at @tiarathetiara_empowers, visit my websites and, or connect with me on LinkedIn. From there, we can schedule a time to chat and connect!