You may have seen her on Fox45 and the Bmore Lifestyle television show in Baltimore, Maryland.  But many aren’t aware of the miraculous transformation of Tiffany “Lady T” Watson from beginning to present day.  She goes beyond the day-to-day reporting of news to bring us flavor, fun, and pizzaz.  Tiffany spices up the delivery of what most may see as mundane current events or celebrity news while giving us her unique flair that represents Black culture effortlessly.  Her childhood years began in New York, but her professional career took flight in Maryland.  From dreaming of being on-air based on the likes of mogul personalities like Oprah, Donnie Simpson, and Angie Martinez; Tiffany is living out her life on her terms. “My lifestyle will hopefully get better & healthier; or include more self-care, pineapples, and strawberries,” Tiffany jokingly expresses. Tiffany took a break from broadcasting to share about her career, lifestyle, and inspiration.  Here’s what she shared:

How do you manage between reporting news/trends vs your personal opinion?

By giving people the facts first and then stating my hilarious opinion afterwards. The best example would be when I report celebrity news on FOX45 BMore Lifestyle. Sometimes the news you are delivering is so harsh that your opinion is a little comic relief. That balance allows the viewers to either agree or disagree with you. But in the end, they get to form their own opinion on the topic.”

You’ve achieved many accomplishments. What’s next for your career?

“Listen, after I tell myself “I am beautiful” in the morning, I do these declarations. I say:

“I am an Emmy- Award winning Host/Correspondent/Actress. I will star in Tyler Perry, Oprah Winfrey, Shonda Rhimes, Ava Duvernay, Issa Rae & Steve Harvey’s TV shows, movies and commercials.”

That’s my goal! I want to work with the best – the GOATs! What’s next for me is voiceovers and acting. I already went from Popeyes commercials to Emmy-Nominated TV host. I want to see what else God has in store. I really do believe I can do it all.”

How does your family, lifestyle, faith and community influence your media career?

“God has guided me every step of the way in my career, and I’ve come so far with Him. Let’s go a little further God, shall we? He’s not through with me yet! My family is my everything. They are my biggest cheerleaders and my biggest critics. They are loud and proud West Indians, and THEY CAN COOK! My Aunty, Cynthia, makes the best curry anything! My sister, Cindy, slays in the kitchen too. My “brousins” are my hype men. My Mom passed away in 2021 from uterine cancer, God rest her soul. A few years prior, she and my dad adopted my two little cousins from Guyana in South America. They are legally my brothers but sometimes that’s too much to explain so I shortened the title and I call them my “brousins” (cousins/brothers). They are both almost as funny as me, or at least they try to be. LOL. Everything I do is for my family. I need them to see that they can achieve anything they want and reap the benefits. God doesn’t disappoint.”

How is your influence in the media changing the narrative within BIPOC culture and communities?

“People always seem to ask me about how I was able to start my own TV segment…locally.

I was at a community event and several young ladies approached me and said, “I want to do what you do…report celebrity news.” But they didn’t think it was a possibility to do it locally.

We have TMZ, People Magazine, & E! News (my obsessions) but they are based in New York & LA. But what about right here where we live? You can always do a podcast or blog, but what else? But to have me (a fabulous plus sized Queen diva) in a TV role that encourages other young Black girls to dream big and start off achieving those dreams right where you live…that’s major! Learn how to pitch a segment, build your brand and do it all! I love that people are like, “if Lady T can do it, so can I.” There should be no limits to what you can do. And now that’s a narrative that I can work with honey!”

It’s inspiring to see minority representation on-air and it’s even more encouraging to learn of Tiffany’s path.  Tiffany Watson is a trailblazer who is making the necessary steps to change the narrative for the Black culture within her industry. Her career path is motivating change within her industry while also inspiring other media professionals. My Black Girl Magic is being unique, funny and a ray of sunshine in other people’s lives. I’m confident that my creativity will change the world,” Tiffany adds. Connect with Tiffany’s fabulous life, free spirit, and pizzaz online as @myfairladyt. Watch her daily on Baltimore’s Fox45 network and Bmore Lifestyle as she connects with fans locally.

Writer, Chaundra Scott, is an MSW, Mom, authorpreneur and freelance writer.  Connect with her online at