Tiffany Sneed, a dynamic force in the DFW metroplex and the dedicated owner of Abundance Financial Tax Service. As a single mother of two, including a special needs child, Tiffany’s journey into the financial industry began with her tenure at a bank, where she discovered her passion for empowering others through financial literacy. Drawing from her own experiences of overcoming financial challenges in a low-income upbringing, Tiffany’s mission is to uplift her community by providing essential education and resources, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to thrive financially.

It’s an honor to speak with you today. Share with the readers of Sheen Magazine who you are and your story.

Hello! My name is Tiffany Sneed and I’m the Owner of Abundance Financial Tax Service. I reside in the DFW metroplex. I am 33 years old and I’m also a single mom of two beautiful children who my oldest is special needs. I started my journey by falling in love with the financial industry when I got hired to work at the bank. Over the years I realized that providing financial literacy was something that I was passionate about. I would be so happy helping people resolve their issues especially when it came down to their money, or even just recommending different products or services that could benefit them in the long run. Growing up in a low-income area for the majority of my childhood and also not having resources to financial education is what made me the person I am today. No one taught me anything when it came to financial literacy, and that was not until I was hired by the bank. My goal is to give back to the community, and teach and educate people who were just like me.

What led you to start a career as a tax professional, and can you share a pivotal moment or experience that influenced your choice?  

I come from a banking background so that is what motivated me to enroll in school to study accounting. While I was figuring out my class selections I noticed that some of the classes that I needed to take to pursue the degree were for income tax and payroll tax, etc. This is when I decided to myself oh it makes sense to go ahead and just go and start preparing myself beforehand to become familiar with taxation so that way when it’s time for me to take the class I would already have an advantage with knowing the course material. So, I researched local tax companies who were offering tax training and I came across liberty tax. The location was owned by an accountant and he had several locations. This is how I first learned how to prepare returns and learned how to operate an office.

As a tax professional, what continues to drive your passion for this field, and how do you stay motivated year after year?  

What drives my passion for being a tax professional is helping people navigate their financial or tax obligations. I was called for a reason and that is to help people who are not knowledgeable when it comes to taxes or just finance in general. It makes me feel as if I’m making an impact or a difference in someone’s life just by teaching or educating them on what strategies can better help their financial situation long term. When my clients leave a good review for me helping them better understand their financial obligations, it gives me so much drive and ambition to keep striving and educating.

Who are some of your inspirational role models within the tax industry, and how have they influenced your approach to tax planning and advising?  

There are a lot of professionals in this industry that I watch and who are very inspirational to me which are Dr. Cozette M. White and Dr. Lakuitta Skyler. I see how active they are in their communities and it gives me more inspiration on how I want to add different services to better equip my clients with their financial goals.

If our readers were looking to work with you as a tax professional, what characteristics or traits should they possess?  

I service all different types of clients. I am a very diverse person. I love working with low-income earner clients, and high-wage earners, but most importantly of all I am more passionate about servicing self-employed individuals.

Photo Credit: Qualon Hackworth