Influencers have become part of pop culture from movies, music, and social branding. There are rules to the game of social influencing. You have to look the part, go to the right parties, and you must meet the right people in order to go far in this game. Recently I had a chance to talk to a newcomer to the world of social influence a young man from Ft. Worth, TX, Trey Pope. Pope is a graduating senior from Texas Southern University and also a father that’s trying to provide for his family. Welcome to the world of Influencing 101!

What made you want to be an influencer?

What made me want to be an influencer is seeing that people were getting paid to do what I was doing for free. I started to think how can I do that? I believed I could help others explore life on a whole new level by bringing them into my world of meeting new people, rubbing elbows with celebrities, private mansion parties, all the works. Being an influencer is so much more than just having a bomb nightlife. It’s about networking and building a lifestyle.

Being a male influencer what does that entail?

Being a male influencer has its pros and cons. If you’re making the right connections, you have the opportunity to meet and work with celebrities, athletes, and even get the opportunity to work with brands. Building your brand in the process is a key factor to the game. However, there is another side breaking into being an influencer. You run into other influencers who’s also trying to make a name for themselves, so competition is always in the mix. Learning who to trust and who can help you elevate your brand to the next level is important. An influencers lifestyle is a business at the end of the day nothing is personal, nothing is promised.

What kind of influencer are you?

I’m the type of influencer that falls under lifestyle specialist. That means is I am the type of guy that likes to provide a lifestyle for my clients from certain events to the guest list. The tools that has been helping me is observing people that is already in this industry such as Kenny Burns who mastered the Atlanta scene, Larry Morrow who has put New Orleans on the map for events/functions, and Tay Mitch took who took Houston to a whole new level when it comes to nightlife.

Do you think being an influencer/lifestyle coach is a money-making brand?

I think it can be if you make it work for you. Being an influencer, you have to teach yourself a lot, such as how to market yourself, you have to learn about social media and their tools for posting at the right time, and what images catches the attention of your followers. There is a lot that goes into being a successful influencer. There is money to be made everywhere, you just have to know how to go get it and keep it.

How have you been able to balance your personal and school life?

That wasn’t difficult I used college as a tool for bettering myself and it helped me get out my comfort zone. College also helped me build relationships with people who I normally wouldn’t run into. My personal life consisted of functions, meetings, and planning. That’s what’s needed in order to execute that right event. Also, being part of campus organizations helped me in ways of learning about contracts, emails, and the daily business of the industry I wanted to get into. I’m able to use everything I’ve learned thus far to my advantage that’s what sets me apart from other influencers.


All images courtesy of Tray Pope