“International Fashion and Arts week found by Vanny Tousignant. Vanny Tousignant is an Indonesian native born and live in New York City for around 30 years.

Her passion for Fashion and Arts developed since she was a little girl back in Indonesia.

She start to create and design her own clothes since she was 12 years old. Her big Influence comes from her big sister who designed a bridal gown and from her own Mother who loves arts and music. Vanny Tousignant started her own business as a designer in New York City in 2013 and did her first public appearance at New York Couture Fashion Week in February 2016. Before that, she joined New York City Market to sell her collection in their store on Blecker Street NYC.

Her collections are nominated for every Fashion Magazine in New York City as Billie Blunt magazine, I-fashion magazine, Fantasia Veneziana Magazine, and many more magazines in Los Angeles, Tokyo, and Europe. Her network spread is not just in the USA but also in Canada, Europe, Asia and Africa. 2017 her collections was in Fashion hotel Amsterdam for exhibition in May and October and continued with Calgary fashion show in Canada sponsored by SCI Calgary.

She is also collaborating with I Am Fashion TV Amsterdam, Epics scope film NY, and Beauty of Arts International Magazine as a USA Director and Editor. Her first debut as Fashion Producer in New York City was last September 2017 with 3 days celebration of Fashion and Arts, continued with the 2nd season last February 2018, and also a 3days celebration collaborate with Zavo Mediterranean restaurant Nyc as a sponsor for Press release dinner event on 1st day.

She brought many designers from around the world from Indonesia, Java, Jakarta, Sulawesi, Maluku and also designers from Africa, Europe, and Philippine to do a Fashion show and Expo in New York City and on her own platform INTERNATIONAL FASHION AND ARTS WEEK. Is not just abroad designers but also local designers from USA as well, New York City, Chicago, Delaware, Wisconsin, and other states in USA. Her strong network, makes her one of the greatest producers with a big team of 125 models, 20 make-up artists, 15 hairstylists, 35 Photographers, and media when she produces IFAW during New York Fashion Week. She has also organized events in New York City for different occasions She helps others to build networks and connect fashion to fashion in New York City.”

You can buy your tickets for this year’s 2023 NYIFW on February 11th here!

299 South Street
New York, NY

Dress to Impress!
No kids allowed, 21+
Doors open at 12:45 pm