Young Jonn might just be one of the flyest artists you’ll meet out of Nigeria. 

Pulling up to our interview in Los Angeles, the producer turned recording artist was sporting a colorful Lactose windbreaker, diamonds around his neck, custom black leather pants and green loafers from Whytace, a diamond ring, and a whole lot of swag. 

Young Jonn’s forthcoming album is called Jiggy Forever, slated to arrive on April 12th. The project is inspired directly by his signature catchphrase Jiggy, which he describes as a lifestyle.

Young Jonn explains, “My friends and I back in the day, we always used to call ourselves Jiggy. Jiggy means vibrant, happy, sharp. Jiggy: stay fly, fresh. It’s a style. It’s a lifestyle.”

The project combines the genres of the afrobeats, afropop and amapiano into one melting pot, accentuated by Young Jonn’s unique style, sound, and flair. Jiggy Forever arrives on the heels of his previous two EPs, Love is Not Enough 1 & 2, that instantly solidified his talents on the mic versus behind it. 

Sheen Magazine spoke with Young Jonn about his background, studio essentials, his fashion, spirituality, and more!

For those who don’t know who is young John?

Young Jonn is a great guy, I think. [laughs] I grew up in a Christian background. My dad is a pastor. My mom is late now, she’s gone. Growing up was fun, I grew up around music. I basically grew up in the church, it’s been an amazing run. Definitely musical instruments very early, sampling drums at the age of three. Played in the church, then left the church when I was a teenager. I was going to go play football. I went to school, then my friend took me to the studio and that was it. 

Did you want to be a football player? 


Do you still play football? 

Sometimes. It’s more of a hobby right now. When I’m free, I play soccer with all my friends. 

Do you love recording as much as you did producing?

Yes I do. I love recording music. I record so much music. Even as a producer, I used to record music. I just didn’t used to put them out. I’ll give it to someone else to sing, but now it feels good. I didn’t know it’d feel this good, but it does.

Three things you need in the studio at all times?

[points to weed] That’s one. [laughs] Two: the ambience, the vibe, the serenity. I love to be in a good environment. Clean, and there’s ambience. Let me put it that way. The third one is I enjoy great company. Sometimes I’m alone in the studio, but good energy. Because I love to feed off vibes. When I have great and amazing people around me, they give off great energy, that helps out a lot. 

What inspires your fashion? 

Since I was a kid, I’d stand in front of the mirror and try out different combinations of clothes. I loved wearing clothes as a kid. Growing up until now, didn’t stop. I love wearing clothes and so much fashion. Different mixtures. I don’t know what inspires it, I think I was born like that. [laughs]

Do you have favorite brands? 

Not really, I do a lot of everything. Sometimes I see what I like. A lot of times too, I wear a lot custom made. So many times, it’s not branded. I’ve been in America for so long. Today’s the first day, but most of the time I’m wearing custom stuff. Pants are custom, shoes are custom. It’s not branded, it’s not brands. I wear a lot of custom stuff. But when I see something from a brand that I like, I buy it.

Are you spiritual?

Very. I was born into a Christian family and my dad is a pastor. Before my mom passed away, she was a pastor. She was a psychologist, she did primary and secondary school. Out here, that’s elementary and high school. I was in tune with the spiritual part a lot. Zoning out, meditating, talking to yourself, manifestation. I believe in all of that. I do a lot of it. I manifested phase, pushing my music on another level. I really believe in all of that a lot.

Why do you want to break into the US market?

Because we’ve done Nigeria, we’ve done Africa. I love to push boundaries. Ever since I was a kid, I love pushing boundaries. What’s next? What’s next? I’m sure we’re going to conquer here and break into here. I’m sure right after that, I’ll start thinking what’s next? I’ve always been like that.

When was the last time you were here?

Some weeks back, I performed at Yale and MIT. They were doing the African thing. It was a week, they were celebrating African [music]. It was lit, the turnout was crazy. It was amazing. It was really dope.

Do you get nervous before you perform? 

When I just started, yeah. Because I used to be a really shy person. I used to struggle with so much anxiety. When I started performing as an artist, my performances were cool, but everybody’s like “this guy is so shy. Should have stayed a producer, so shy.” Over time, I started getting used it. Started getting used to the faces, started getting used to the vibes and everything. 

What about when you’re not working, what do you like to do?

When I’m not working, I’m working. I’m basically in the studio, I have a studio in my house. I’m just chillin’ in the studio. I’m not recording, but I’m playing Fifa in the studio or smoking in the studio. Except when I’m playing soccer, because I love to play soccer. If I’m not in the studio, I’m probably playing soccer with my friends.

What inspires your music the most?

My life. My life experiences. Life experiences of people close to me, people around me. What I can see, what’s basically around me. Love, life and money. The hustle, the grind. Everything.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Young Jonn