Travel nurse, Meisha Amia is woman on a mission to celebrate nurses across the globe in a unique way. In addition to her best-selling book, The Bedside Boss – From Scrubs to Six Figures, she celebrates her own transformational journey as a nurse entrepreneur looking to help others in the same field. With her organization, Chicks with Cheques, she has successfully served over 20,000 nurses and entrepreneurs across the nation enter the entrepreneur field with their knowledge in the health field. We caught up with Amia to discuss her own journey thus far, Chicks with Cheques, and much more!

How did you get into this realm as a travel nurse?

In 2009, I graduated from Coppin State University and received my license to practice as a Registered Nurse. I worked as a nurse in Oncology for one year and then I started dipping into other specialties like Neurology and Case Management by my second year in nursing. I never felt like I was working in my purpose back then. I had a hard time finding my nursing niche. To be honest, I just wasn’t happy mentally, financially or professionally.  I wanted more connection with myself and my true calling. I also wanted to heal from the hardest breakup of my life. A plane ticket will fix anything, right? One day, I met a travel nurse on my job in Baltimore and she told me all of her agency details. I thought this was the perfect time to try it. I wasn’t happy anyway. Six months later I started my first travel nurse contract in Atlanta, GA and that’s when my life took a major shift.

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What inspired your best-selling book, The Bedside Boss – From Scrubs to Six Figures?

I was inspired to celebrate my own transformation as a nurse entrepreneur and help other nurses find peace, healing and more money. Five years into travel nursing I realized I was a different woman with a different love for myself in a different tax bracket. Travel nursing saved my life in many ways. I found myself, increased my income and created a lifestyle that I was excited about. My story began to unfold during the rise of Instagram. I started a blog there (and Tumblr) about my career change as a Travel Nurse almost nine years ago. I utilized my gifts and stories to pursue entrepreneurship while blogging about travel nursing. I wanted to teach nurses how to avoid career burnout, prioritize self-care and create wealth. So, on my days off instead of picking up an extra shift, I would make side hustles out of the things I enjoyed doing. Eventually, I built a community called Chicks with Cheques to better serve my nursing community in learning entrepreneurship online. The book is the blueprint and self-help guide for nurses to break free from career burnout and financial depression and walk into an abundance in travel nursing and business.

Can you tell us about the organization Chicks with Cheques?

Yes, when I started Chicks with Cheques, I was clueless on what it would become. I wanted to empower nurses to build a sustainable online business and brand like myself. We started off with lots of empowerment quotes on IG and cute t-shirts back in 2016 to now currently running a full curriculum-based membership. We taught hundreds of digital strategies needed to run a business online, grow a profitable brand and build intentional relationships. Our members are mixed with nurses and various business coaches to be of resource and leadership within the community. The nurses love how I bring the branding tools as well as my own digital strategies and other business experts to the table for group coaching. That’s what makes my community so valuable. 

What are you currently working on and what can we expect to see from you in the future?

I am currently working on the launch of our first major eCommerce product called The CEO Tote. This is way more than just a “bag”. The CEO Tote is a luxury box experience delivered to the door of entrepreneurs who will “show up ready to work” for 2021. We accepted 100 reservations for this experience on Black Friday. The official launch takes place January 2021, and it includes one new eBook, two new eCourses, and our dateless planner/ journal combo.  I am also excited to be working on my digital series called Confessions of A Travel Nurse that will air live on Instagram every Tuesday with a guest Travel Nurse to talk about all of the things Google won’t teach you when it comes to becoming a Travel Nurse. Later in the year of 2021, I plan to release my second self help book for nurses.

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