The city of Memphis, TN is known for a lot of different things. They have good food, a beautiful river downtown, and music! So many well-known and respected artists come straight from Memphis, TN. Some even shed light and give back to the rough communities they came out of. Memphis rapper, legend, and philanthropist, Young Dolph was murdered on November 17, 2021, in his hometown.

Sources state that while out at the respected Makeda’s Homemade Cookie Shop on Airways Blvd an unidentified gunman entered the store and shot twice. The King of Memphis leaves behind two children and life long partner, Mia Jaye. When rumors broke about the possible shooting in Memphis, fans quickly came together through social media to confirm the unfortunate death. Young Dolph attended Hamilton High School in Memphis, TN, and in 2008, released his first mixtape Paper Route Campaign.

Two years later, he formally established his label Paper Route Empire in 2010, an independent record label not affiliated with a major record label, and subsequently released Welcome 2 Dolph World that same year. Memphis was issued a citywide curfew to ensure all citizens were safe as a lot of rumors surfaced of shootings all over the city. Celebrities expressed the hurt they felt as a result of the killing. Key Glock, Young Dolphs cousin, protege, and Memphis rapper have been the talk of the town as all of his social media handles seem to have been deactivated as the news spread. Hashtags and headlines stating Pray For Memphis and Pray for Glock have become very popular. The Memphis legend owned all his masters to his music as an independent artist so fans are streaming his music hard to show the love they had for the late King of Memphis.