Based in Memphis, TN, Terrell and Tiffany Monger, are shedding light on the beauty of their relationship.  The couple is successfully merging their lives in marriage, business and faith to inspire others for greatness.  They understand the power of being a healthy unit and having a strong foundation.  “We were one court date away from divorce and we can truly say that the love of God saved & restored our union to give us a desire to be better for ourselves & for each other,” the couple continues.  “Even in the struggles of our marriage, it was our faith in God that helped make us better individuals that were able to have a better union,” the couple testifies.

The Mongers believe that these 5 key factors are necessary in business and marriage:

  1. None of us are perfect so we can’t expect others to be;
  2. Remain reachable; 
  3. You only have one body so take care of it. Health is the real wealth.;
  4. It is mandatory to Invest in yourself (therapy, feeding yourself spiritual, being active,); and
  5. Give the grace that you desire. (Responding and reacting in love) In the end, Love wins.

Their relationship is a true testament that love is all that we need.  The Mongers are motivating communities to fellowship out of love and not hurt.  “He Said, She said” is their online web show that addresses dating and relationships with a side of humor.  Their in-sync dynamic is infiltrating positivity on and off the air across the U.S.  In addition to impacting relationships, the couple also sees the value in the Black Lives Matters movement.  With many opportunities opening for communities of color from companies such as Apple and Amazon; the Mongers are set to assist those in need even further with utilizing their new found access and resources for success.

“We want to make sure that all that are involved understand the business world, have the confidence, and have strategies that could help them take advantage of any  opportunities that are presented,” states the Mongers.  According to the couple, they believe that “No matter what walk of life, you have the right to a better life. With the proper information and motivation that we have to offer, we can help people of color excel in their area of choice.”  

Tune in for their “He Said, She Said” advice on relationship dynamics, hard work and unconditional love.  To connect with the couple, please click here.  The dynamic duo can also be followed on social media as  @terrellmonger1 and @tiffanymonger on Facebook.  They are available on Instagram as @iamterrellmonger and @Fab_Tiffany. 


Writer, C. Scott, is a mother of one; author, social worker, early literacy interventionist and entrepreneur.



Featured Image courtesy of Terrell and Tiffany Monger