Lately there have been several hot topics in the tech, marketing, entertainment, and even sports spaces. It seems like nowadays everyone wants to get involved in the wonderful world of Web 3.0 and NFTs. This modern-day Gold Rush has individuals from all areas of life and professions in a mad dash to “seize the day” if you will. For newcomers into the space, it can be quite daunting of a task to traverse all of the info and noise that exists, and the space is still very much in its infancy stage. Add in the element of investment and all of a sudden the noise compounds.

From rug pulls to FUD, the NFT space has grown to incorporate the same anxiety inducing afflictions more akin to the stock market or crypto space, despite fundamentalist’s best efforts to keep things more inclusive, positive, and community driven.

So how then, would a newcomer in the space be able to tell the difference between a scam project and one that is around for the long haul? One might begin by looking at the team behind the project. Seeing beyond the mission or even utility promised, the team historically means more. Therefore, doxing the project lead team is a paramount step in determining whether a project is worth your hard-earned dollars or not.

Take one of the latest projects to join the space, @Mefaverse. The project, founded and overseen by critically acclaimed actor and artist, Method Man (“Mef”) (@methodman), one of the founding members of the legendary Hip Hop group, Wu Tang Clan, and Ray Acosta (@rayroQ), veteran of WMG, consists of a team backed by years of experience in their respective roles. What’s more? A bit of digging and one can easily conclude that the team is hungry, passionate, and driven aside from their obvious expertise and overall love for the space.

The lead 3D artist and Executive Creative Director is renowned motion graphics artist, Jonathan Winbush (@jonathanwinbush). Jonathan is known for his work on box office hits such as Fantastic Four – Rise of the Silver Surfer and Iron Man as well as several hit series including Deadliest Catch and Transformers Animated Series. With 29 worldwide awards and being recognized as a top 25 artist in Hollywood by Inferno Development, Jonathan is a powerhouse in his own right.

Leading the 2D art department is David Nguyen aka @doodle_dave_ on Twitter. Dave is a Senior Art Director for a marketing agency by day and moonlights as an illustrator. His work can be recognized in everything from Subway marketing collateral to more official, government related communications. A brief look into his history in the NFT space and one can find that he’s been involved since the beginning as more of a 1/1 artist with the Mefaverse representing his largest project to date, and he did not disappoint. His artwork in the project has been incredibly well received not only by his peers but by the  greater community as well.

Rounding out the core group is John Hart (@pixelspariah). John joins the team as co-writer and co-creator with his acting title being Group Creative Director. His background is certainly a hodgepodge ranging from architecture, music and entertainment, advertising, marketing, and PR. A little bit of effort reveals impressive showings in all in addition to being a competitive winning concert pianist and national champion in forensics (speech and debate) in high school. Yes, we did our research!

That is just a taste of the “Do Your Own Research” (“DYOR”) mentality related to the NFT space, but necessary to make educated decisions in terms of investment. The next step is looking at the actual project and utility it brings. Once again, we look at Mefaverse as our north star example.

Aside from just being some of the coolest and inclusive artwork in the space that we’ve seen, the project has an online 3D world that promises some impressive utility from rentable/ownable properties, storefronts where users can sell their own products (digital and real world products alike), routine giveaways for its community, merch drops, and even opportunities for holders to earn money simply by holding the NFT via royalties through collabs, partnerships, and other deals. The driving factor behind all of this of course is the Intellectual Property (“IP”). The project is based around a graphic novel that the group will be looking to develop into a series and/or movie on one of the larger streaming platforms. And you heard it here first, once that deal is made, holders of those characters receive equal royalties from that as well. A project, that rewards its holders by simply holding…imagine that.

Forget the old crowdsourcing, “get what you pay for and that’s it…maybe,” model. Projects like Mefaverse don’t just serve as a shining example of the kind of opportunity possible in the NFT space, but also a ray of hope proving that community and togetherness as well as the idea of “WAGMI” (We All Gonna Make It) is far from being dead. With that said, “Knowing is half the battle” has never rung truer than now. So do yourself a favor and really do your own research beyond watching one video or reading a single post on Twitter. You’ll be glad you did.

Also, never invest more than you can afford to lose. That’s just investment 101! For more information, please visit

Photocredit: Mefaverse