Election Day 2020 is right around the corner, ladies and gentlemen.

Over the weekend our forever favorite FLOTUS delivered a message for her voting organization, When We All Vote. This special message from Obama is a call for Americans to get registered and vote!

Obama’s organization has reached over 1 million elgible voters and has registered more than 100,000 of these voters.

They’ve provided training for individuals and focus on the youngest voters: high school students. With this, they have signed up over 8,000 educators and high schoolers for My School Votes – an initiative aimed to voter registration.

There have been over 250 organizations across the nations that have signed up in order to help Obama reach elgible voters.

Lastly, From September 20 to September 27th, When We All Vote will take on a Week of Action. They plan to network and make a strong push towards voter registration.

Check out Michelle Obama’s message below.