At the heart of transformative leadership and motivational mastery, Mick Hunt stands as a beacon of progress and profound insight.  As the visionary founder behind the Mick

Unplugged brand, Mick transcends the ordinary, challenging individuals and leaders alike to delve deeper into their purpose, beyond the superficial “why,” and into the compelling “because.”
Mick Unplugged is not just a brand; it’s a movement. Through his top-ranking podcast, Mick Unplugged, Mick has created a sanctuary for thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and seekers of growth to explore the depths of their ambitions, resilience, and character.
This platform is where stories of tenacity and imagination converge, propelling the podcast to the forefront of the Self Improvement category on Apple Podcasts, consistently ranked within the top 10.
Mick’s journey is fueled by a relentless pursuit of excellence, a testament to his belief in the transformative power of personal and professional development. His ethos, the “Mick Factor,” encapsulates the essence of his approach: Mastery in our crafts,
Imagination in our dreams, Character in our actions, and the perseverance to Keep Going, carving paths for legacies to thrive.
Beyond the airwaves, Mick’s influence permeates through keynote speeches, executive coaching, and bespoke training programs under the banner of Mick Unplugged. His unique ability to blend motivational insights with actionable strategies has made him a
sought-after speaker and mentor across various industries, from business leaders to college athletes, all seeking to harness their true potential.
Why Mick? Because he embodies the journey of transformation. What can he do for you? Inspire change, foster growth, and illuminate the path to personal and professional
Why should you care? In a world clamoring for authentic leadership and
genuine progress, Mick Hunt stands out as a guiding light, empowering you to
transcend limits and unleash your true potential.
Trust in Mick Hunt, not just for his accolades, but for the journeys he’s inspired. Join him on Mick Unplugged, where every story, insight, and moment of inspiration is an invitation to explore your “because,” the true cornerstone of change.




Photo Credit: Courtesy of Tom Estey Publicity & Promotion