All About Love, by Mickalene Thomas, made a big impact on the Los Angeles cultural landscape and beyond when it debuted at The Broad, showcasing the vision and skill of highly influential contemporary art. The Broad’s founding director, Joanne Heyler, praised Thomas’s creative artistic practice for its unwavering concentration on black female representation and its ability to reflect real-life connections and lived experience. More than 90 pieces from Thomas’s 20-year career as a multi-talented artist are on display.

The collection provided a comprehensive overview of Thomas’s inventiveness and growth as an artist. That illustrates Mickalene Thomas’s creativity and proficiency in a range of mediums, including collage, mixed-media painting, photography, and installation. The title of the performance, along with several of its ideas, are taken from the groundbreaking essay written by feminist author Bell Hooks, in which love is shown as an active process rooted in healing that creates a path away from dominance and towards collective liberation. Opening on May 25 at The Broad, the Mickalene Thomas: All About Love exhibition will remain open until September 29, 2024. Check it out if you’re in the area.




Photo Credit: Sade M