Get ready because a new collection from Midas Cosmetics has arrived!

The launch of Midas Cosmetics’ Pastel Collection is one you need to have on your radar. The collection includes four new lip glosses and two palettes in the brands’ Artistry Palette.

The Volume 1 and Volume 1.2 Artistry eyeshadow palette each include six eyeshadows. There are five primary matte shades and one shimmer. At first glance, these palettes may appear the same but don’t be fooled.

Volume 1 was created to cater to those with deeper complexions while the Volume 1.2 palette was made for lighter complexions. Each are cruelty-free, contain vegan ingredients, and retail for $16 each.

In addition to the palettes, there are four new Icing Lip Glosses and they are perfection. Classic is a clear gloss, Almond is a burnt orange with gold shimmer, Meringue is a cream pearlescent with green and gold reflects, and finally, Strawberry is a pink with peach and gold shimmer. The glosses are available for $10 each.

For more information on Midas Cosmetic’s Pastel Collection, click here.



Featured Image obtained from Midas Cosmetics’ official website