Exclusive Interview Video: Mielle Organics launches a new campaign,
I Know My Roots with Brand Ambassadors

Realizing that a natural hair care journey means more than the follicles, Mielle and Ambassadors lead the conversation on discovery, growth, and freedom within health, haircare, and the mind. 

Mielle Organics, which has been breaking down barriers in hair care, one scalp at a time, has released the Unmasked: I Know My Roots Series. Featuring Mielle Organics CEO, Monique Rodriguez, and Mielle Organics Brand Ambassadors LeToya Luckett and Toya Johnson. 

photo by Drea Nicole Photography

photo by Skrill Davis Group

photo by Skrill Davis Group

photo by Skrill Davis Group

The new series seeks to encourage multi-cultural young women and girls to unmask their truths about mental health, faith, inner beauty, and their natural hair care journey.  Sheen Magazine was able to sit down with the company CEO, Monique Rodriguez, and her Brand Ambassadors to have a wealthy conversation.

The one thing about women of color, that Sheen genuinely cherishes is the story that our hair tells. It carries our triumphs, our struggles, and our creative expression. It’s a connector that binds us, and the piece of ourselves that we use to express our freedom. This interview carries a lot of this, and it’s relatable to a lot of women who share similar experiences. 

Check out the full-length video interview below.



Featured Image by Drea Nicole Photography