Mike Dean is not only a legendary producer and mix engineer, he is the Synth God. Best known for his work behind-the-scenes with all the greats from Kanye West to Travis Scott, even credited as the genius behind the latter’s unique sound, the Houston native continues to do what he does every single day: create music. 

On August 21st and 22nd, 2021 the legend himself allowed and offered the city of Los Angeles a deep dive into his incredible mind. His resume and reputation speaks for itself, and in front of sold-out crowds he delivered again. The nostalgia of Dean’s performance was perfect, his set is reminiscent of electronic music from the early 80’s and 90’s, but he brings you back to this decade with hard-hitting trap drums and heavy synth basses that you feel in the core of your essential being. 

The Synth God wielded his analog gear in a way that felt too divine, effortlessly switching between a multitude of synths and transitioning each sound with grace. It was a true display of power. Dean didn’t make much use of his microphone, but guest performer Christine and the Queens wowed the crowd with a vocal performance as divine as the Synth God himself. 

Aside from the occasional knowing glance, he did not address the crowd but for a moment, Dean’s rig lost power and he spoke. He calmly grabbed the mic and said “That’s how you know I ain’t faking it! Just me, Ableton, and a bunch of keyboards!” He then proceeded to walk off stage until staff was able to get him running again. As a final goodbye, Dean closed the show with an awe-inspiring guitar solo then left the stage with bow and not a single peep. The crowd erupted in ovation.