Just last week, Season 11 of Married At First Sight premiered and we were left in complete shock when we met couple Miles and Karen. 26-year-old, Miles is a school administrator looking for his other half. We learned more about both the groom and bride, their journey to being Married at First Sight, and their own idenities before the wedding day. We caught up with Miles to discuss what exactly he was looking for in his wife, what we can expect to see in his story this season, and more.

What were you most nervous about?

That’s tough. The whole experiment is nerve wracking. I’d probably say being matched with someone that wasn’t attractive beyond the surface. That’s a long time to commit yourself to a person that you can’t form a deep connection with.

Miles what were you hoping to get in a wife through this experience?

I was hoping to find a long-term partner that was fun, loving, intelligent, passionate, and empathetic. I wanted someone I could travel with, do business with, and ultimately begin a family with (we can wait on the kids).

photo by Kinetic Content

What can we expect to see from you all’s story on this new season?

You can expect a story of two people taking care of one another in one of the toughest scenarios anyone could think of – between the social unrest in this country and the pandemic. I’m proud of the way we supported each other through an unprecedented time.

Married at First Sight Heads to “The Big Easy” airs tonight, July 22nd at 8PM EST on Lifetime.