Mother’s Day each year is field with smiling faces, roses and more. Although most moms enjoy Mother’s Day, everyday should be Mother’s Day. Mommies are the hub in most homes, the glue that holds it all together, but what happens in those moments when the glue just isn’t sticking? You know those days. The ones where a mommy needs a good closet cry. Well mommies you are not alone.

Bri Harmon, media personality for Baller Alert has answered the call. This weekend  boss babes united for The Millennial Mommies Club’s  Mother’s Day Brunch. Mommies gathered from all over for support, network, drinks and more. Panelist included; licensed hairstylist and educator Danie Wilks, author Catrise Harris, entrepreneur and content creator Lorelei Sherman, and host of ‘Not Another Sex Podcast’ Samia Burton. 

The panelist left the room in shock and awe, but it didn’t stop there. Next to the stage, the phenomenal honorees. Actress and multi media personality Rashan Ali spoke on just how hard being a mommy can be at times. The beautiful and talented Megan Ashley spoke on how the Millennial Mommies Club award was one of her very first times being honored or rewarded; her acceptance of the reward was extremely moving and left many in the room speechless.

Famed media personality Koreyelle another honoree discussed the same journey as many others in the room, balance or lack there of. Honoree Tori Brix held her own, and while others admire her, she stated that even she was totally tuned in to seasoned vet; Rashan Ali. 

Millennial Mommies Club is dedicated to helping mommies on the go. This event was definitely one for the books and we look forward to seeing and participating in the next gathering. 

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Photo Credits: DaPostUp