Satin Sanchez is known for making millions by catering to women, helping them tap into their spiritual journey, and leading them to a life full of good health and self-love. The 7-figure luxury self-care brand founder is passionate about women’s health. So passionate that she supports them in many areas, from natural fertility to clean eating and a vegan lifestyle. The one-of-a-kind business, ‘SatinsWorldofPassion,’ also known as ‘SatinSays,’ provides feminine washes for fertility and health. Her products have helped hundreds of women achieve pregnancy and overcome fibroid issues. With multiple businesses, plans to open a physical store, and start a podcast, Satin continues to guide women toward a better lifestyle.

Being a mom is already a full-time job. How do you balance that with being a millionaire entrepreneur and social media influencer?

I get asked this all the time, and I’ll be honest, it’s so intensely difficult at times. I’ve learned to balance my day with prioritizing, and weekly planning. I include everything from personal time, meditation, business meetings, and homework with the kids. It gets tedious but organizing prevents burnout. I also learned that sacrificing time with friends and even “me-time” comes with being a millionaire, it’s just all I know now. But I wouldn’t trade this lifestyle for anything else.

What do you enjoy the most about giving tarot readings?

When people come back to me with confirmation of things I said during the reading, that reassurance of my accuracy, it is so fulfilling. Or even when someone tells me that I helped them make life-changing decisions. Decisions that ended up being truly beneficial in their new reality. It makes me feel so proud of my gift. Just knowing what I do is truly helping people, means the world to me.

As an advocate for women’s self-care, spirituality, and fertility, how can women get in touch with their inner needs? What’s the best way for us to listen to our bodies?

That’s just it! Listening to our bodies is key, but as simple as that is. We do everything but that. I don’t know why but, it’s a common practice for us to know we need to take care of ourselves better, but we are too busy making sure our loved ones are ok, we rarely find time to prioritize ourselves.

I would recommend women tap into their spiritual journey with daily use of my products, to join my amazing support groups, where we uplift and enlighten. We have group meditations, we have meet-ups that are like feminine empowerment events, it’s so exhilarating to be a part of the sisterhood!

Another important thing is to make sure you love yourself before you love anyone else. Living in your divine feminine does not mean submissive and timid. It’s a balance of divine feminine and masculine, it’s loving yourself regardless of what society says you should look like or what actions make you “womanlier’. There’s no manual, you are the blueprint. Embrace your uniqueness. My passion is to help women feel good in their skin, and to know being sensual does not mean you are less than or immoral.

Your vegan products helped a plethora of women get pregnant. What steps would a person need to take to stay faithful to clean eating?

Absolutely! I have gotten nearly 500 women pregnant in the last 4 years simply by using my products! We call them Satin Babies [laughs] it’s so amazing to see! One woman had her tubes tied and still got pregnant! Another was in her 40s and no western medicine or ivf treatments helped her. She now has a beautiful baby boy!

Eating clean takes dedication. I would absolutely recommend Meal prep. If you’re not preparing, you’re more likely to eat fast food or food that offers no true nutritional value.

Eat fruit smoothies when you have a sweet tooth. Eat roasted edamame (extremely high in protein) when you need to increase your protein intake, and like snacking on crunchy foods. There’s really a healthier alternative that also tastes good, for nearly all palettes. There’s never an excuse not to feed your body health instead of eating anything because it’s what you’re used to. Healthy eating also starts at the grocery store. Whatever you buy, ask yourself, is this clean eating, are these foods going to keep my body healthy?

What positive impact do “Swan by Nature” and “Fertile Magic” have on your customers?

Swan is amazing because it lets people know they’re not alone! Especially teens and kids who deal with the same mental health issues as adults. Swan creates an intentional environment based on helping people create a space full of good vibes, and providing skin care that helps you look good, so you feel good. Our body care relieves stress, and anxiety with nature’s elements, and it makes a daily practice of self-care, into a daily practice of putting happiness at the forefront too!

Fertile magic is all about women empowerment, all about mothers and mothers to be, to have a sacred space with zero judgment. We are also very big into natural household products, as many store-bought products have known carcinogens, and chemicals that are completely unnecessary, and extremely harmful.

We have everything from vegan laundry detergent to vegan hand soap, stretch mark body oil, amazing body scrubs, purifying hair conditioner, body wash, and even vegan air fresheners. We provide our community with the knowledge they need to live a holistic life without needing to read tons of books or researching information online that may not be valid. We’re like the Dr. Sebi of feminine care. With the scientific, herbalist, and formulation knowledge as our foundation.  


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