Control obsolete to my own defeat. I feel myself slowly losing the true meaning of self-love. I leaped into the hole of my comfort. Running away from what’s left me here falling into circles watching the trees grow from inhuman structures we’ve put onto one another. I look up to  see the light of eyes in my life. But even eyes have another side. Beyond repairing what little you couldn’t bury into my soul. You found yourself behind closed doors to my starving spirit feeding it with the eyes of demises.

You see a young one so pure with dreams of living long enough to see what she has left behind for neither two or three but the many beyond her years of living. You became ecstatic till opening a source of great destruction of becoming. “It came it grew and now he’s done with you.” I tell myself, because he feeds a dying dream that haunts me late at night. Picking me out of its teeth waiting patiently for the day that I decide to elevate into the morning sky of another realm where he lays his head caressing me with gentle feels of security.

Everything changed as soon as I had something to say. Never expressing my inner defeats to please your outer demeanor. Well I’m sorry love this must be where we part ways. Because I too have a thought or two. We soon cross fade to a new. Becoming nor heard but to dived on separate levels leaving me with just a distant memory of confusion. To seclude myself from being chopped and screwed for you.

This feature was submitted by Aniliyah Richardson

Aspiring artist Aniliyah Richardson, is known for creating bodies of creative nonfiction, poetry, and short stories dedicated to the female formality while building an unapologetic point of view for complexed stories. Speaking with experience cautiously being the face of her own truths to show the world of strong communities that we as once shall never be silenced again. These stories are for the broken and beyond measures proven what one sacred mind can possess. Living the truth of Her own path in order to remain free.