Sheila Marmon has been championing the importance of multicultural voices in the media and advertising industries for more than fifteen years.  Hailing from South Central Los Angeles, Sheila is no stranger to breaking molds. Now Founder and CEO of Mirror Digital, the largest multicultural interactive media and advertising company, Sheila previously attended both Princeton University and Harvard Business School as a first-generation college student. Her intellectual ambitions held no bounds and have motivated her throughout her successful career.

This week Sheila sat down with the team at Cleo Speaks to share some pearls of wisdom. Cleo Speaks is a pioneering Cleo TV series that provides influential women of color with a platform to showcase and tell their stories, speak their truth, and inspire the next generation of powerful and industry-disrupting women. The most recent episode featuring media mogul Sheila Marmon highlights the necessity of equity and diversity in marketing through the elevation of Black, Latinx, Asian American, and Native voices.

Sheila believes that ‘The media shapes how we see one another and provides a platform for us to tell our own stories’, and has dedicated herself to making sure that Black and Brown voices are amplified and represented, as well as marketed to in a real, honest, and authentic way.  She has executed over 500 digital media programs in the multicultural space for leading advertising agencies for clients including AT&T, Clinique, Disney, Ford, General Motors, Intel, Macy’s, Netflix, Procter & Gamble, Universal Pictures and other world recognized brands.

In addition to her Cleo Speaks interview, Sheila has been featured on I Heart Radio as well as in publications including The Financial Times, Minority Business Entrepreneur Magazine, AdWeek, and MediaPost.

To hear more from Sheila Marmon on CLEO Speaks check out the replay online here.

To learn more about Sheila Marmon’s work at Mirror Digital check out the website here.

All images by Steven Heuer