Atlanta, Ga got an early Christmas present Tuesday night. Rapper Nelly stopped by Captial City Wine and Spirts to meet his fans and autograph bottles of his new moonshine, MoShine. The ultra smooth spirit was designed to get any party started and for the fans that were lined up around store to meet this hip hop icon; it did just that. Nelly was in full effect showcasing one of his best features, his smile. The artist took time out of his busy schedule to promote his product as well as show a huge ‘thank you’ to the fans that have all come to know and love him. While signing bottles, the artist was also snapping pictures with all his biggest fans and creating memories. One of the fans in line purchased four bottles and stated that she had been waiting forever to meet rapper icon Nelly and she was not about to miss this. We are super excited that was SHEEN Magazine was honored to be a part of such a monumental moment for Nelly.

The Rap legend has been in the press a lot lately with re-united love interest and singer, Ashanti and we love to see it. What we love even more is the exciting flavors of MoShine. The MoShine spirit comes in two delicious flavors (Peach and Passion Fruit) and is packaged carefully with colorful and attractive packaging, and we wouldn’t expect anything less from a brand designed from the Grammy award winning artist. While on site we were able to get additional information on the spirit and just what it pairs well with. Rumor has it that the peach flavor mixes well with any sweet tea so make sure to try it out and let us know what you think and please remember to drink responsibly.

We are super excited for Nelly and all that he has accomplished and all that he’s currently working on. We look forward to seeing this brand continue to flourish. I guess the only question we have left for Nelly at this point is, “Can we get MoShine in a lemonade flavor summer of 2024”? Ok we’ll just have to have Nelly’s people call our people. 

Video by : JoJo IG: @1solo_jo photos by Mo Clark IG: @msmediabae