Looking to get into one of the best fashion modeling schools?

Go through this checklist:

Are you svelte and tall?

Do you have a pretty face?

Do you have a graceful way of walking and a regal bearing?

Do you look photogenic or even telegenic?

Do you love mixing and matching pieces of clothing with different accessories?

Do you consider yourself as someone with excellent fashion sense?

If you answered yes to most of these questions, then, you might just have what it takes to become the country’s next top fashion model!

But guess what, even if your answered no to most of these questions, I recently learned – a career in modeling may still be possible with Model Esteem…

But then, success doesn’t come overnight. You need professional training in order to compete with the tons of talents like you out there. So, what can you do? Most would say try enrolling in a modeling school. And Model Esteem might be just the program for you.

I had the pleasure to sitting down with Model Esteem’s CEO Shettima Webb to talk about the importance of her “Slay in Heels” program.

“I teach youth and women how to slay in heels I teach aspiring models not matter what age and size that there is a market for them to get paid I connect with legit agencies and clients to provide opportunities I teach the importance of starting your own business in fashion and beauty I teach youth and women how to truly love all of themselves.” said Webb.

What inspired you to create ModelEsteem?

I started Model Esteem out of myself having extremely low self-esteem as a child due to be bullied and teased for my skin tone. When I first started modeling, I saw how people were inspired by my modeling. Modeling also helped me gain more confidence in myself and I wanted provide that confidence in youth and adults.

How do you utilize your knowledge to benefit and inspire others?

I started out as an unpaid freelance model here in Chicago who did not truly understand that you could get paid for what you do. When I educated myself about the actual model BUSINESS, then I was able to translate that into making money. I want to inspire models of all shapes and sizes that there is a market for you in this industry where you can be paid.

Let’s talk about your current campaign?

Slay in Heels is geared towards youth and adults who want to learn how-to walk-in heels and dance. They don’t have to want to do runway but just have a girl’s night out or b-day party etc when fun heel slaying. Also, if youth and adults think they have what it takes to slay in heels they can compete in various contest for cash and prizes.

Why are you passionate about this campaign?

I am passionate about educating aspiring models and teaching youth and women how to love themselves regardless of age, height or size.

When did you fall in love with fashion?

My Granny was the fashionista out the family. I use to dress up in her clothing, hats and shoes. It was through her that I fell in love with fashion.

Who is your fashion fairy godmother?


What are some of your brand favs  in the fashion industry?

I am weird in the fact that I only wear that is comfortable. I only care about me feeling good and not concerned with trends.

What’s new in your world?

Grand Opening of my new space in Forest Park, Il where I get to teach ongoing workshops for modeling and slaying in heels along with popup shops for small business owners.



Featured Image by Matt Yarbrough