F2G Networks’ mission is to inspire and cultivate consistency with Kingdom principles while prioritizing a holistic lifestyle one community at a time. F2G Radio motivates, teaches, and inspires our team and listeners to be THEIR BEST SELVES while giving ALL Glory to God during the process.

Please tell us, what is the F2G Network, what does “F2G” mean? 

Ty’Nelle: Faithful 2 GOD (F2G) is a Christian-based network owned by myself and my son. We have an extraordinary team of Execs who assist us in daily operations. It is the hub for our programming systems. We started with F2G Entertainment which hosts our LIVE and virtual events. Due to us needing to offset funding, we added a merch line for the company, F2G Apparel. We moved our show over first, produced shows from within next, then finally opened the airwaves to some program segments, which we are happy to now call family. We currently host eight live and three pre-recorded shows and continuous music around the clock.

What was the inspiration behind launching F2G Network? 

Ty’Nelle: The inspiration was a need to stay focused and happy during a time when my son and I were homeless. We were living in a shelter, and I wanted to make things as normal for him as possible while we were there. We are a creative family so making videos, entertainment with music, comedy, and business has always been something we had fun doing. F2G Network launched because I promised my son, we would never be homeless again and I had to make sure to keep it, but my way… which includes building our own tables and owning the floor they sit on.

Within F2G Network, there are several entities, F2G Apparel is one. Why start an apparel line? 

Amber: Being faithful for us as a company is a lifestyle and we wanted others to be able to express their faithfulness not in just what they do but what they wear, as well.

How does F2G apparel stand out from other apparel companies? 

Amber: Our ideas from our apparel line stem from our experiences in our walk with God. We make sure that we take ideas from each team member in order to make something that everyone can wear and enjoy. When it comes to being a lifestyle brand, we want to make sure that everyone who encounters F2G apparel not only makes a purchase but a decision to remain faithful to God in every aspect of life including how we present ourselves through our clothing.

Should people look forward to new looks coming this 2022? 

Amber: Yes! We have a few looks coming down the pipeline. Tees, joggers, and a few designs for 2023 are currently in the works.

Ty’Nelle: Make sure you grab our current F2G gear. Some will not return next season!

There is also an entire Radio Station within F2G Network. How did that come about? 

Ty’Nelle: After hosting F2G Radio show on simulcast through our social media pages and then a 5-month trial radio run on a friend’s radio station out of Atlanta, GA I went to GOD about our next. He told me to wait until January 2021 to make the transition to owning our own Network. I was totally stunned and so was my team. GOD knew we wanted to make the move to producing a global black family-owned entity, and F2G Radio Network was born.

How can people tune in and support the station? 

Amber: You can tune in 24/7 at to hear encouraging words, lessons, and inspirational music that will push you to your next. You can support us by subscribing to/donating on our Patreon page at There you can watch previous shows and see all our special guests who have been on the air with us.

There is no limit to F2G Network, which also has an entertainment company and community awareness department. Why add these two major departments under the F2G Network brand? 

Ty’Nelle: That’s right! 👏👏👏 We have continual open heaven! We started with F2G Entertainment which hosts our LIVE and virtual events. In the Community is an informative segment that focuses on what is currently available in our communities across the globe. The brand is created to draw others into being faithful to GOD who is faithful to us and productive. When you know better you make better decisions and spread the word.

What advice could be given to someone interested in starting an entertainment or apparel company or a radio station, especially a teen or young adult? 

 Brandyn: Get ready to get it out of the mud first! Everyone will be attracted to what’s shiny and popular to everyone else. But the real challenge is trusting in the Lord, investing in the thing from the mud, and being willing to work harder than you’ve ever done before to come up from the bottom! It will all make sense when you’re a part of ones that are signing projects from major deals!

What would you like our viewers to gain from this interview? 

Brandyn: No matter where you are in your professional career, or how the view looks in your normal-everyday-life right now, GOD will ALWAYS meet you where you are, whether the situation be Wonderful or Wicked. So, if He is that Faithful to you, why not be Faithful to God?

How can people connect with F2G Network and its entities? 


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