Monica Floyd, better known as “Dollphace,” has produced a film that raises the bar for female empowerment. Floyd will be releasing Lola 2, a movie that touches on the challenges and tribulations of female boxers worldwide. It was written and directed by Antoine Allen, the brains behind films Not Promised Tomorrow and Driving Force. The title stars Torrei Hart, Elise Neal, Tamala Jones, Taja V. Simpson, Jackie Long, Claressa Shields, Roy Jones Jr. and others. It will be released on April 6th on ALLBLK platform, an exclusively Black entertainment streaming service.

The story takes off with Lola, a professional champion boxer who falls for a tale as old as time. She falls in love and has a baby with the man of her dreams. In doing so, she holds on to her fighting career as tightly as she can, unwilling to let her goals in the ring pass her by. The drive to remain who she is at the core even though she has welcomed changes into her life is something many women can relate to. Producer of the film, Monica Floyd, has stated that the predominantly female cast bring performances to the film that will leave the audience in tears.

Monica is the CEO of True Vision Media Group and spends her time lending her talents to various independent films. She is not just a producer, but also a director, writer, manager, and overall artist. Her previous work can be seen on many television shows and copious movies. Floyd hopes that her hard work will motivate other women to see that being a driving force is not only appealing but also obtainable. She serves as an inspiration to many up and coming talents that hope to create moving films of their own.

“When it seems like it’s not working in your favor… it’s working in your favor,” says MF. 

Lola 2 hits close to home for Monica as she knows how it feels to remain a woman in charge of her own future when life changes. The personal connection she has to the film made it her “passion project.” 

Actresses Taja, Tamala, and Elise brought the movie to life and completed the projection of her vision. She speaks highly of working with Antoine, stating she fell deeply in love with the plot and the “advocacy for women’s empowerment”. With these two powerhouses on deck, Lola 2 is sure to be an exemplary display of the true strength of a woman. 

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