Celebrating the emancipation of enslaved Black Americans and observing African-American culture, Juneteenth is really a week of celebrating this liberation; even businesses of all types participate in highlighting the importance of Juneteenth. Today, more businesses are willing to adapt and understand the significance what Juneteenth has not only on their African-American employees but for the workplace as a whole, being more inclusive, bestowing efforts to educate all of the occasion but also about Black Liberation. 

In reality, Juneteenth isn’t just an event that’s recognized in a day but should be recognized, everyday. That’s why, Monique Melton, has launched The 2nd Annual Juneteenth Black Liberation Challenge that calls for every corporation to take the pledge to commit to Black Liberation. The goal? 19,000 course sign-ups in honor of Juneteenth. Monique is asking every business to join her in the Pursue Black Liberation Challenge as your way to start making proactive changes in the workplace and in our world. It’s time to learn what Black Liberation is, why it matters, and how to take action.

I had the amazing opportunity to sit down with Monique to better understand Black Liberation myself and how her methods are empowering a movement and the daily pursuit of Anti-Racism. 

Q: Prior to launching the Black Liberation Challenge and your courses, what did you do? 

A: I’ve been an entrepreneur for over 15 years. Prior to shifting gears to do anti-racism education, I was a brand strategist and coach so I’ve worked with many small business owners and entrepreneurs to support them in growing their businesses through strategic planning. 

Q: When did you decide to take the leap and start Shine School and why?

A: I am a mother and a full human living in a society that dehumanizes Black people. I recognize that to move forward and truly embrace our humanity, we have to do the work. The work of Black Liberation is a daily and ongoing practice that must center the lives, perspectives, and needs of the most marginalized people; BLACK PEOPLE. That goal is what sparked the idea of creating the Shine Bright School. 

Then in May/June 2020, there was a surge of interest in the work of anti-racism for a finite moment and then it quickly fizzled out. This has been both disappointing and frustrating to watch and experience, so I decided to take that anger and put it into action with a challenge to redirect the conversation on Black liberation. I want this work to expand beyond my capacity and for there to be a community where folks who are committing to Black liberation can learn, and grow while building real and lasting connections that help us continue on this lifelong journey. 

Q: What can your clients/students learn from Shine School? 

A: Shine bright school connects people from all over the world to teach them topics related to anti-racism, wellness, inner work, and relationships. Our community members receive training, accountability, and support. We have an extensive library of curriculum that is powerful, practical, and most importantly centers Black people.

Q: How can we as a society help educate those on racism? 

A: As a society, we all have a role to play in reclaiming our humanity. Until Black people can live safely and fully in their humanity, none of us can.

Q: What are some problems/issues or concerns that are most commonly brought up and/or discussed during your corporate workshops? 

A: The very first step in that journey is learning together what anti-racism actually is and how it looks in the workplace. If spaces are not centering the most marginalized then they are not safe. The corporate workshops Monique offers are practical and actionable. The training is developed specifically to assist teams with uncovering the specific needs of their most marginalized groups. Creating daily practices to remove discrimination, build trust and eliminate toxic racist behaviors.

Q: What are some common questions that get asked during training? 

A: A common question that Shine Bright School receives stems from most new members not knowing where to begin. We provide a roadmap of curriculum that can guide folks who don’t know how or where to get started. Shine Bright School offers introductory and further learning training and we continue to evolve and grow daily

Q: Anything else you wish for SHEEN readers to know about Black Liberation? 

A: Black liberation is for everyone. Until the most marginalized are free, no one will be. The Work of Anti-racism is Multifaceted and Ever-evolving. Shine Bright School offers resources and features guest educators who provide added perspective and clarity to help you transform defensiveness into empathy, compassion, and connection.

Monique encourages you to discover what Black liberation is, why it matters and how to take action. Learn more about Melton and her mission at