Being on tv, your perception of others can be fogged due to scripts, acting, and untrue blogs. Monique is here to change that status quo. She opened up to SHEEN about who she is and what she stands for. Being true to herself is what landed her a radio opportunity on WPGC’s The Good Morning Show as well as getting back to tv. Monique and her husband, Chris Samuels, are back on our tv screens but not with Bravo. You can catch her, Chris, and their amazing black love on OWN’s Love and Marriage: DMV.
Who is Monique Samuels?
Monique Samuels is a force a light. She is growing and a person who refuses to be negative. I love to see the positive in every situation. Life is a spiritual journey and that’s the ride I’m on.
Balance can be tough. Being a wife, mom of three, and entrepreneur, how do you balance it all?
Balance is something I always trying to maintain but it’s all about being flexible. Prioritize, delegate, and do what you need to do. I’m very flexible and it’s all about pacing yourself. Figuring out what’s important and what can wait until later is vital. You have to enjoy life and enjoy your children. Take it all in, put down the electronics, and spend actual time. It’s not always easy or done perfectly but I talk to my children like they are people and explain this is what I’m doing and this why regarding my businesses.
On your tough days, how do you pick yourself up to keep on going?
I have tough moments but not tough days. I’m good at shaking things off. My husband says the same thing and failure is not an option. I’ve made mistakes before and can’t get upset over what I can’t control. Just like other moms you got to keep pushing. I had to learn to be more vocal with being a mom.
What was the motivation behind your business?
Some don’t share the struggle and we have to have so much strength as moms. I try to let women know that yes it’s hard and it’s ok. That same woman you look up to and admire is struggling as well. The more we share the more others will want to open up and be true to themselves about needing help. Not for lazy moms is saying being a mom is not for the lazy. It makes you the opposite of lazy. It’s a space for everyone..
What can we expect from Monique in the year 2022?
I’m taking it to the next level! I’m dropping a skincare line with a face wash, toner, turmeric face scrubs, and masks. I’m leaning more towards the spring for a launch date. I do have other projects that are in the works that can’t be put out just yet but do go along with the brand. I’ll be hosting, talking doing events, and networking.
In a society that seems to be dominated by surgical procedures, flawless foundations, and bold makeup palettes, what would you say is the key to natural beauty for women who struggle with insecurities?
Stay off social media. It’s a lie and not true. On my profile, it’s me and my kids, people have normal lives.
You might remember Monique from Real Housewives of Potomac, but the show wasn’t the best fit for her or her four homes. She is thriving with her essential oils business, Mila Eve Essentials, and branching out into other avenues. Monique is a true reflection of light, and is a strong mother to three beautiful children. As she conquers the DMV area, she stays true to herself and attracts all things positive coming her way.