Known comedian, actress, mogul, and auntie to some, Monique took her strong opinionated comment about seeing her people not appropriately dressed; or in bonnets in public to social media has received some positive and mostly negative feedback. The known comedian spoke her opinion through an IG TV post on May 29th and things went downhill. Even though some of her followers agreed with the comments that were made, most took offense and did not approve of her statement. Throughout her post, she explained that the comments were coming from a place of love and is not targeted to anyone in specific, but the comedian did continue to say that she has seen too many of her “young sisters” to count that are wearing inappropriate clothing in public places such as the airport, malls, and other known areas. After the post went viral on social media Monique made two other posts that went more in detail about her standing on this matter.

Even though the mogul still stands strong behind her beliefs, she is still trying to get young women of this generation to understand that appearance is everything. Monique also states that a full face of makeup is not needed when going out nor a full lakefront, however, she is encouraging young women to look like they have pride and class about themselves. “If you don’t care, how can you be approached as if you do”, explains Monique. After the viral topic died down, Monique made another post with an actual photo of a young lady out and about, half-dressed with a bonnet on her head that was sent to her. Under the post, Monique stated that no judgment was being passed and if this was the best you could do to do you. Unfortunately, this Instagram post was viewed negatively in fan’s eyes and went viral once again, and was made as a possible joke on the BET awards. As some fans as still bothered by her opinion, Monique continues to encourage her followers to represent themselves with pride and be happy with who they are.