Luxury Clean Fragrance Brand MOODEAUX® is now available at Credo Beauty stores nationwide

For the fragrance lovers of the world, this development is cause for celebration: MOODEAUX®, a Black-owned luxury clean fragrance line, is proud to announce their collaboration with Credo, the largest clean beauty retailer in the world, launching as the retailer’s first black-owned fragrance brand on shelves with an exclusive colorway of the brands signature Worthy SuperCharged SkinScent™ Grab-Then-Go Stash Bag Travel Duo that will have aromaphiles everywhere delighted.

What sets MOODEAUX® apart as a top-shelf brand is their oil-based, alcohol-, dye-, and water-free SuperCharged SkinScent™ formula, boasting long-lasting staying power and fragrance with body care for a unique sensory experience. Considering the brand’s commitment to providing naturally luxurious scents, it comes as no surprise that Credo chose to join forces with them in what is sure to be the clean scent product drop of the year!

The product in question is an iteration of MOODEAUX®’s signature Grab-Then-Go Duo, which consists of a Stash Bag containing a Travel Pen of MOODEAUX®’s debut fragrance: Worthy. The bag itself comes in the brand’s trademark shade of orange, and this color story will only be available in-store across all 10 U.S. locations and online on Credo’s website.

“The Moodeaux fragrance is truly amazing—it’s a very unique scent formulated to work with your skin’s chemistry for an almost customized fragrance,” says Emily Koko, Merchandising Manager for Credo Beauty. “I love Brianna’s approach to fragrance. She is an incredible woman and whip smart entrepreneur who is bringing greater diversity to the clean fragrance category.”

Flaunt How You Feel™

That is the motto behind MOODEAUX®, a sentiment which the brand’s founder, Brianna Arps hopes to help people live by in their daily lives, something that has proven essential to her in her own holistic sense of wellness.

“[Back] in October 2018, I grew pretty obsessed with learning about the connection between scent, emotion and memory,” Arps recalls. “I had just been laid off…was living on New York State unemployment, and given those life lows, I made sure to take a moment every day — between figuring things out — for some serious self-care.

“It might sound silly, but still, I always felt wayyy better after a long quiet shower followed by a spritz of my favorite accessory: perfume. I didn’t even have to get dressed or go anywhere special — the whiff of a familiar smell alone was often enough to remind me that I’m worthy and eventually, I’d be alright.”

After doing some perusing online, Arps soon noticed the dearth of both Black-owned scent brands and discourse surrounding the role our sense of smell plays in our self-care rituals. Inspired by this, Arps took matters into her own hands and decided to carve a niche in the industry for barrier breakers like herself who “crave different.” Thus, MOODEAUX® was born.