Let’s talk about it! That whole idea of “you’re a mom—you don’t get to rest, and you’ll always be tired” is trash. I wish people would stop pushing the narrative of motherhood just being exhausting 24/7 and we don’t get to have a life outside of motherhood. Of course, becoming a mother changes everything, in every aspect. At the same time, self care for mothers is absolutely essential, and yes, we do deserve a break. Motherhoood just requires a new self-love journey, finding new ways to love on yourself and finding new ways to enjoy you outside of motherhood, and I’m enjoying the process.

Your overall wellness is a priority, too. As a mom, we have a million and one things on our to-do list. Our self care usually falls short. Leave it to most moms(myself included) we’d never “find the time” because we’d use that time for something/someone else. This is why we have to “make time”. It’s essential. We have to be all in when it comes to prioritizing time for ourselves. This is honoring yourself and your needs—in every aspect. As I’ve said before, motherhood requires a new self love/care journey and I’ve become super intentional with creating space for my self care. Think about what self care looks like to you. A spa day? A good book and a glass of wine(or three)? It’s super important to practice self care the way you see fit and what makes you feel like your best self. That’s what it’s all about, filling your cup up so you can pour back into your children.

Tips on creating space for self care and wellness:

First and foremost! Remove the whole “self care is selfish” notion (and don’t let anyone guilt trip you into thinking otherwise). How will you become your best self if you don’t take care of yourself? Your sanity will thank you.

Mindful breathing. Practicing breathing exercises has its major benefits. It removes energy blockages, removes any physical tension, erases a lot of overthinking and worry and improves your focus.

Adding extra time onto your beauty routine. When you look good, you feel good. Adding more time to your beauty routine gives you the opportunity to love on you. Even a bubble bath, give yourself a facial, etc. These may seem simple but it allows you time to relax, slow down and reset.

Journaling. My favorite daily “must do”. Get your thoughts, feelings and ideas out on paper. Not only is it great for your mental health but journaling is great to gain control of your emotions, tap into self, explore your thoughts and reflections. This opens up space for you to just be.

Find new ways to relax. Relaxation techniques are very beneficial. Wither it be yoga, prayer, or meditation. Being relaxed calms you in every way—mind, body, soul and spirit.

Exercise. Regular physical activity can improve your overall quality of life and wellness. Taking care of your body is super important.

Spend time in nature. You’ll find that being outdoors, enjoying the sunshine, beautiful greenery and views will give you an instant boost of “feel good” energy.

Take yourself out on a date. A quick bite, coffee shop run, a Target run. Anything that allows you to spend time alone.

Laugh. Good laughs, good energy and feelings bring joy into your life. We need more of that. We deserve that.

Getting up a tad bit earlier. (before the kids wake up) gives you the opportunity to set the tone for the day. Take your time getting your day started, fix a warm cup of tea, read daily devotionals, pray, journal, etc.

Tap into your goals and dreams. I like to remind all the mamas that I come in contact with, that we are more than just moms. We are business women, creatives, etc. Reconnecting with your goals and dreams will inspire you to jump back in, take action and execute. Light that fire again, mama.

Set your boundaries. Your boundaries are not up for debate. Saying “no” will eliminate you feeling exhausted and overwhelmed, also helps you establish healthy boundaries. Honoring yourself is most important.

This feature was submitted by Samantha Gordon

Samantha Gordon is a mom, lifestyle blogger, creative entrepreneur and writer. She’s into sharing her discoveries with other women and modern mamas like herself—on all things related to womanhood, motherhood, lifestyle, fashion and entrepreneurship. She has a passion for all things pretty and purposeful. She is a lover of creating the best feels—through her words, work and outlets. Connect with Samantha Gordon today by clicking here.