As one of the world’s most renowned motivational speakers, Les Brown is on a mission to motivate and train today’s generation to be overcomers, achievers, and leaders. Mr. Brown is a sought after keynote speaker, author, TV personality, and leading authority in equipping others with the tools to become high acheivers. He uses his high energy and life experiences to empower people to meet the challenges of the world around them. Mr. Brown will present his first live and in person event, Hungry for Greatness on Saturday, August 14th at the Rock Church in Queens, New York.

Hungry for Greatness  is an inspirational and powerful live event designed to give hope, guidance, and direction to those seeking new opportunities to overcome the effects of the pandemic, reinvent themselves, and make money during this newly created economic time.

“So many people have suffered emotionally, mentally, and financially from the impact of the pandemic.  We are providing this experience to empower, strengthen, and remind them that breaking through these times and reaching their highest level in life is not only possible, but it is necessary.” said Mr. Brown.

Mr. Brown will be accompanied by other motivational speakers in the development arena such as his son, John-Leslie Brown, Dr. Cindy Trimm, Billy Gene, Cedric Brown, LaTonya Brown, Adora Crystal, Pedro Adao, Mark Anthony Bates, and more. Attendees will also hear from the amazing, Grammy Award-winning artist, Donald Lawrence.

The pandemic has taken a toll on so many people, leaving many uninspired and feeling defeated. What can people expect to get out of Hungry for Greatness?

People will learn how to conduct themselves in and out of the pandemic and the number one lesson is the techniques and strategies on building mental reserve and determination that we’re going to make it through this. That this didn’t come to stay, it has come to pass.

Motivation is similar to faith – you have to constantly feed it. What are some tools or advice to help people remain motivated?

The answer is what you listen to, you turn into. It is very important in these times especially, that people make a conscious, deliberate, and determined effort to listen to things that will empower them, that will inspire them, that will fortify their faith, and ignite their spirit of courage and determination to take their lives to the next level in spite of the circumstances.

It’s hard to even imagine Les Brown feeling uninspired. How have you dealt with low blows or stagnant moments in your personal life and business?

I have a team of collaborative, supportive, achievement driven relationships that helped me get through the difficult times in my life.  My family, friends, and people that have been touched by my words have been there for me, praying for me, praying with me, and helping me to continue to move forward with my goal and dream of making a big impact in the world.

Your son, John Leslie Brown is your business partner, what are two principles that you live by when doing business with family?

Number 1. Make decisions from a place of love not of anger. 

Number 2. Err on the side of love.

What’s your favorite quote?

“Lord, whatever I face today, together you and I can handle it”

What will you say to “young Les Brown” who was mis-identified, mis-diagnosed by society?

Turn a deaf ear to the negative things that might be said about you and to you and live life on your own terms.

When did you recognize that you were made for greatness? And how did you prepare for that?

I think that the recognition process is an evolving process. As you overcome the challenges that life throws in your path you come to a place where you know in your heart of hearts and in the sanctuary of your soul that as much as you have chosen the path that you’re on, that you were chosen for it and you keep it moving.

What has failure taught you about yourself, others and life in general?

There are some people like myself that are perpetual optimists.  A negative person can look at opportunities and all they will see will be the obstacles but an optimistic person will look at obstacles and all they will see will be the opportunities.  Living my life from that place of power has made all the difference for me and for those around me.

Is there anything else you would like to share with those who will be attending “Hungry for Greatness” live event?

Hungry for greatness will be an experience.  We will take you through this interactive process with music, with words, with training instruments that will take you to a place in yourself that you cannot go by yourself.  You will discover how to step out of your head and into your greatness with a committed plan and support.  It’s all about helping you make a great mark in the world.

Photo provided by Les Brown

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