Are you all ok? — Quick check! We are hoping folks are holding up well during the many shifts happening around us! Life is all over the place these days, but one thing that remains constant is the rise of the culture!

We are making major moves in all industries and focusing more on the things that matter, like self-care, health and wellness, career building and overall productivity! — We had the pleasure to catch up with Celebrity Wife, Latisha Scott of Love & Marriage Huntsville, on OWN TV. As they prepare for the premier of Season 3, Mrs. Scott gives us insight on her journey and her secrets to staying grounded during the busy comings and goings of entrepreneurship and entertainment in 2021!

Tell us a little about your journey, prior to Love & Marriage Huntsville! What was lifelike and did you ever expect you would open your life up to reality TV?

Before LAMH I was a full time stay at home mom and ran our property management company (4 rental properties, a 12-unit, 4 unit, and 60-unit apartment complexes).

How did your family maintain balance and peace during filming seasons, considering the added characteristics to your story, by production?

Um, it was crazy, because I’m a stay-at-home mom my schedule is very flexible, however, I did have to call my mom to help out with the kids. Right before filming I was on a high with reading the Bible and praying for direction from God, so the universe helped my mental stay strong and keep some sense of peace.

What has the filming experience been like for your children? Has it been fun for them see their parents and themselves on television?

My kids are young, so they don’t watch the show. Our 13-year-old son has friends who talk about the show to him and he thinks it’s cool! 

What’s one message you’d like your viewers and fans to grasp from getting to know your family?

We love hard, work hard and play hard. It’s important that you enjoy life.

How has the show affected your career and entrepreneurial journey?

Blaque cigar lounge has been a hit due to the show, plus I’m enjoying meeting amazing moms and business owners on the Mommy Business Podcast. I love hearing and sharing their stories.

Tell us more about The Cigar Lounge? What are some of your plans and visions for that?

Ohh Blaque is the new Black, it’s all about Black Excellence. 

We absolutely LOVE the dynamic and style of your Mommy Business Podcast! Where do you plan to take it and what exactly does this project mean to you personally?

I love to be inspired by others. I started the podcast as a way to improve my speaking skills and it’s taken on a separate role all on its own. I’m excited to host more events and just continue to encourage young moms and business owners. It’s a way to show that whatever you are going through there is someone else that has survived it and you can too. 

What’s next for the Scotts?? What can we look forward to, business and entertainment wise? Also, are there plans for more children?

Umm, no more kids, just loving on our three.

We are developers, so you’ll see more commercial real estate projects and we will continue to build and develop in Black communities #Blaque is the new Black.

All images by O.J. Rice