The Crump family created Reign Sanitary Napkins on June 1, 2019, and launched publicly during the height of the pandemic. This bold leap of faith led the Crump family to a victorious $11 million gross revenue generated over a period of three years. As an independently owned brand, Reign has not always had access to the same network or even capital that Big Box brands have. In spite of this, Reign’s team has been able to support hundreds of thousands of women across the country, through their business and nonprofit Justice For My Jewels.

Can you tell us who Qiana Crump is outside of your bio?

Qiana is a real homebody who loves to be with her husband and kids, they truly are my world. I enjoy being outside in my yard gardening. This is my time to reflect and center myself. Being outside makes me happy. I love to be in the yard pulling weeds lol… playing in dirt, I LOVE IT! I love the connection I feel being outside. Everything I do is a part of me, a part of who Qiana is, so upon launching the Reign product I found something else I truly connected to. I have always had the desire to help young girls become better, beyond their circumstances. I remember when this feeling first came into my life, my husband and I  ministered at a youth center for troubled teens and I felt so connected to the girls and always had a desire to make an impact. One of the areas that have stretched me to become more socially connected is my W.EL.L. platform  Women Exchanging Life Lessons. I launched a program in 2015’ that has pushed me to grow outside of my comfort zone. This platform was created for me to challenge myself and encourage other women along the way to do the same. Through this platform, the women of W.E.L.L. and I are able to help women and young girls by giving back to impact our community. 

With feminine care and products becoming openly discussed and created, what makes Reign Sanitary Napkins stand out from the rest?

Simple because we deserve it… As females, we needed to be empowered with a healthier option to share. Women and young girls deserve to feel comfortable and dry and Reign is the ultimate product that offers you security in just that. 

What was the motivation behind launching this company at the height of an unknowing pandemic? 

My family and I love to say we survived the pandemic. When launching any company there are survival stages, many like to say the first year is the hardest, simply because you are still putting your infrastructure in place of what works and would work better. Imagine having to deal with a pandemic while launching a company. We have learned from past business experiences to invest in your business first. So when we launched  Jewel, we were “truly blessed” we did not have any struggles. Yes, we did experience what other businesses had to go through with inflation, and shipping charges increasing and we never changed our shipping prices for our customers. When starting Jewel we invested in infrastructure, with software, staffing, and inventory and we survived because we offer a product females need to be delivered to their door every month. 

What is the main benefit of using Reign Sanitary Napkins, especially for pre-teens, teens, and adults in general?

The intentions were set when we created Reign Premium Sanitary Napkins. Our mission is to have Reign be the first product a female uses and shares in her lifetime. We have the desire to help eliminate the issues women and young girls have faced during their monthly cycles along with bringing light to a taboo subject of female cycles that no one really talked about. Traditional brands on the market have brought pain and discomfort for many years leaving women with more female challenges down the line for example fibroids, and heavy cycles which bring on anemia for most females. Some even have life-threatening issues like TSS Toxic Shock Syndrome with the uneducated use of tampons. Women and young girls must be educated as to what they put on and insert into their bodies. 

Reign offers comfort and keeps a female dry during her cycle. Reign is designed with an ultra-thin, super-soft top layer and most importantly a breathable material that offers a high level of absorption. Along with the graphene strip which offers antibacterial benefits and more.

What would you like for our viewers to gain from this interview?

As females, our monthly experience is something that we have in common. Many of us grew up using products shared by the women in our lives, we used what we knew without any education on what we were putting on or inserting into our bodies. There are products on the market that are a chemical soup of disaster for women that contain toxins, bleach, and dyes. There are approximately 600,000 hysterectomies performed a year in the United States and the majority are African American women. Our women and young females are affected when they do not have a clear understanding of the chemicals and toxicity of menstrual products and why they should be educated on the use of tampons. Reign Premium Sanitary Napkins is a natural, comfortable product that will keep you dry during your monthly cycle. 

How can people connect to learn more?

We also have a campaign Justice For my Jewel where you can learn more health tips. We believe that we should all Protect The Most Precious Jewel in the World, YOU!  JFMJ.ORG  and also Follow us on Instagram @reignpad

Photo Credits: Reign Sanitary Napkins