It’s not possible to have a discussion about Queens and not include Jesseca Dupart. The multimillionaire, and CEO of Kaleidoscope Hair Products, is the GOAT when it comes to hair growth. She’s the mastermind behind Miracle Drops, one of the best-selling hair growth products in the haircare industry.

Dupart has a wide range of talents, as many are inspired by her ability to take social media marketing to a higher level. Even as a successful businesswoman, Jesseca made it a priority to help others by creating “Judy Dropping Knowledge”. It’s an Instagram page dedicated to growth and she allows followers to network in the comments. I got the chance to ask Jesseca a few questions and I must say, I got inspired all over again.

Kaleidoscope Hair Products is one of the best-selling haircare companies in the country. Recently, you announced that your products will be available at Walmart. As your company expand, what’s one retail company you’d love to do business with?

In the age of social distancing, I’d love to explore more boutique e-commerce outlets. There are a lot of specialty e-comm sources popping up, it’s a matter of finding the “right” fit.

photo by Sterling Pics

Not only do you have brains and beauty, you’re also a social media star. What obstacles did you face during your road to success?

My road to success has definitely included obstacles; from building the right team to balancing inventory levels. I know I am walking in God’s plan for my life. I’m covered.

Miracle Drops is the best-selling product for hair growth. It’s available in extra strength and coconut. How important was it to create hair products that not only shows results in weeks, but also uses unharmful ingredients to restore health?

I saw hair loss as a major void in the marketplace, from wearing tight braids, wig irritation, poorly installed weaves to alopecia. A woman’s “Krown” affects how she flows. Miracle Drops are infused with tea tree oil, aloe vera, peppermint and coconut oil to name a few natural goodies. Our goal with Miracle Drops is to grow hair and boost self-esteem for the freedom to be.

photo courtesy of Jesseca Dupart

There’s no doubt that you’re the marketing Queen. Your parody of Cardi B’s WAP, LAH: Long and Healthy Hair, took social media marketing to a whole new level. How do you manage to come up with creative content that is humorous yet informative for your consumers?

Honestly the problem is never coming up with it but more so cutting down the tons of ideas and making the right fit. I thrive in content creation and crazy ideas, it’s one of my biggest passions. I have an ongoing note in my phone, and we check off as we go and add as they come. I have a few ideas I’ve been sitting on a few years and waiting for the right time. So, at any time I’ll have about 40 things in my phone. From lines we have to those we haven’t even launched yet (laughs)..

photo courtesy of Jesseca Dupart

As a Black multimillionaire, what advice do you have for young black girls who look up to you?                  

I want young women of color to know that if I can do it, they can do it too. It requires goals, a plan and discipline. And of course, I pray through the process.

How do you handle your businesses without feeling overwhelmed?

I am blessed to have a great team of smart people that help manage Kaleidoscope Hair Products entities. We are building and strategizing to improve efficiencies every day. For the most part, I take it one day at a time to enjoy the process and not allow it to consume me. If I ever have a moment of being overwhelmed I simply tell God ….. not sure what/why this is, but I trust you. 


Featured Image by Sterling Pics