Through her various works, Collins has helped thousands of women and men faster a spirit-driven purposeful life that draws them closer to God and empowers them to cultivate meaningful successful relationships. She has been featured in the Huffington Post and several multimedia outlets worldwide.

Can you tell us, who is Markita D. Collins?

Wow who is Markita D. Collins? That is such a great question. First of all, I am a wife, mother, entrepreneur best-selling author, Prophet, certified life coach, mentor, influencer, leader, friend and so much more. I’ve been through some of the toughest situations that life can throw at you and I’ve overcome every last one of them. I am trustworthy, I’m funny, I am very real honest I am transparent, and I love hard! I’m going to be honest I love God’s people and it is my job to make sure that I stand in truth and show people that there’s life after trauma and pain.

As a child, was your desire to become an entrepreneur?

My desire as a child was to always be a singing gospel star and to be in front of so many people, and make them laugh, and make them feel good about themselves. When I was a little girl, my Godfather always had an old-school video camera in my face and he would say “Kita Pooh one day you’re going to be a star.” I would always be dancing, singing, and joking around, or just pretending to be a counselor and not even knowing what that was. I always knew that I was going to help people I just did not have the language to do that as a child. I didn’t know what an entrepreneur was because growing up in the 80s it was get up go to school, go to college, get a job, get married, have children, and so on and so forth. 

So to be an entrepreneur was something that was introduced to me in my late 20s. I’m so glad that I’m able to be the entrepreneur that I am because a 9 to 5 is just not for me. Shout out to all of the people that do work 9 to 5 because we definitely need you. I don’t believe that everybody is supposed to be an entrepreneur though I do believe that everybody has entrepreneurial intelligence and creative abilities and so I’m just encouraged that I am an entrepreneur. I can live the life that I want to live but if I don’t do the work, I don’t get paid.

Can you tell us about your book, “I’m Still Old Fashioned,” can you tell us more about it?

My book “I’m Still Old Fashioned” is about me, my story, my experiences, the wisdom that God has given me, and the circumstances and issues of life. This book is for single women, married women, divorced women, and women in situationships. 

It’s for everybody actually, even men enjoyed my book. This book is about how to overcome how to not just survive but to thrive in your pain and how to come out of it. How to love, how to forgive, how to not allow your issues to keep you depressed. This book also carries tools and answers inside the book. People will have to look inside of themselves and really dig deep and not point the finger and live in a place of being a victim forever.

I teach people in this book that there is life after divorce, there is life after poverty, and there is life after health issues. I’m excited that this book has sold around the world and that many people have been waking up because God has placed so much information in me to get it out. I believe that this book just sums up who I am or who I was at the time when the book came out.

I put my experiences and biblical principles along with wisdom in every chapter. I also give the REAL RAW and uncut truth to help give direction and unlock those who are bound and just need a different perspective about marriage, divorce, singleness, self-love, etc.

Being a bestselling author, can you tell us what was that experience like?

To be honest the goal wasn’t to become a best-selling author, it just happened. The goal was to get my book out to the hands of the souls of the people that need it to read it. The goal was to make sure that when I talked about my book, did a book signing, or went on social media to talk about the book that the people will be so excited about hearing my story and hearing what I believe God placed in me.

Being a best-selling author was a surprise and a bonus, it really was. I want to give a special shout-out to Dr. Princess Fumi Hancock who had everything to do with that as well. She was my author mentor. Dr. Fumi helped and guided me through the writing process she made sure that I was empty by the time the book was done.

“I’m Still Old Fashioned!”

Having a strong prophetic deliverance ministry that brings forth change, healing, and wholeness, how would you say you’re using your platform to help others?

I use my platform every day to help people and win souls for God and bring about change in a real way from the inside out. I would be online, and names would pop up and I would just call them out and say what I heard God tell me concerning them. The people would email and inbox me, some would even say it right in the chat boxes “HOW DID YOU KNOW THAT!”. Lives were saved literally; I would see people about to commit suicide and I would tell them “you can’t die! Put the gun down, put the pills down.” 

They would cry and give their life to Jesus at that moment. All this while not seeing face just their name. Periscope was my favorite before it was closed down. That was the platform I was truly known for. Now I’m starting over on other apps which is ok because I use my platform and my voice often to shake up people that they will open up their eyes to the truth and freedom and to love most of all to God‘s love. 

Deliverance is a miracle, so to see people come out of an old mindset of thinking to break out of torment, torture, pain, and depression is something to be celebrated. On my platform, you will hear the name of God and Jesus often. I’m not ashamed of Jesus, I’m not ashamed of the Bible, I’m not ashamed to be a Christian. 

I think oftentimes Christians are put into a box and we’re bullied for our love for Jesus, and we’re told to always be open to other people’s religions where other people’s religion they’re not open to what we believe. They’re not open to our standards and what we say we stand on. Though I may respect your religious beliefs and what you do, I will always use my platform to say the name of God and say the name of Jesus. 

I live this life out loud. I know people need God like never before in times like these. I believe that God uses me as a mouthpiece to demonstrate his love, his compassion, his truth, the word of God, scriptures, how to pray, how to meditate, how to walk in this life, and still be fulfilled through the word of God, that’s how I use my platform. Oh, by the way I’m also told that I’m very funny and I should’ve been a comedian because I also bring about a spirit of joy everywhere I go through social media and when I minister face-to-face.

Can you tell us about your journey as a minister and life coach?

It’s a beautiful journey. Even though I have over 20years of experience, on paper I’ve been a licensed minister for 11 years and certified life coach for 7. Wow to help people throughout their life, to help people reach their goals, to help people stand in the truth, and in peace, it is a beautiful journey to see people who are at the bottom now rise to the top.

 I love being a minister I love being a life coach. Sometimes the two can blur together and I often have to compartmentalize what I’m supposed to be in that moment be the coach or be the minister. A coach is someone that helps you reach your goals. They are the ones that train you, they’re the ones that make sure you stay on target. 

The minister is the one that preaches and teaches the gospel, who has more compassion for your soul, who tells you the truth about the word of God, who is a great listener but they are not your therapist. A life coach and a minister are not counselors and therapists. You have to have other credentials to do that but so often because I carry such compassion, love, and regard for people that they will be able to use and pull on both sides of me, my coaching, and being a minister as well.

Being a wife, mother, rising CEO, bestselling author, licensed minister, certified life coach, and inspiring top 100 international social media influencer. How were you able to balance your family and career life?

I wish I could sit here and tell you that I’ve balanced it all. I used to try to balance it all and I used to teach balancing it all, but I have since come to the realization that there’s no such thing as balancing everything. Something or someone is going to have to wait. Something or someone is going to have to not get your full attention and that moment. So, it’s not about balancing it’s about prioritizing what is the priority for today, for the next two hours, for the next 30 minutes, what is the priority.

Focus on what the priority is so you’re not overwhelmed that things are not balanced. I’ve learned as a wife, a mother, and a leader that the things that I do in ministry if I do not take a step back and look at what is important that I will try to do everything within 24 hours and that is impossible. 

However, when I set boundaries when I have schedules, and when I prioritize, completion takes place and it’s more effortless and that’s how I get it done. Sometimes a priority is me getting a cup of coffee and laying in my bed and not doing anything! If I can say this, I would definitely say work hard and rest well. Delegate responsibilities, if it’s time for you to have a team get one, if you can handle things on your own get it done. 

Do not feel the pressure to compete to compare and to feel bad if you are not where somebody else is. When it’s your time and then when it’s your turn all things will work together for you. Trying to appease everyone and get everything done and be the hero for everybody never is the answer. You have to set boundaries, you have to have realistic goals, and celebrate every small and big win, that’s how I do it.

For coaching and mentorship:

Do you have any events or appearances scheduled that you are able to share with us?

I do which I’m very excited about because of Covid a lot of traveling and going out of town and connecting with people face-to-face was so limited or wasn’t just happening at all. I’m happy to announce that our Unbreakable Moments tour is taken off this summer and fall and we’re also planning some dates for the winter. For more information about that, click here. Also, on my website and social media pages, you’ll see booking dates and if I’m in a city near you.

How can people connect with you and everything you have going on?

People can connect with me by always going to my website.

IG/FB/ Clubhouse: @markitadcollins


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