Chile! I’m Winnie’s granddaughter. Laura and Roy’s daughter. Alexis’ sister. An Austin, Texas native. A Howard University Alumna. A former TV producer. A current Multimedia personality. Most importantly, a child of the most high King. Honestly speaking, these are just labels that apply to me, but I’d like to believe I’m a bit more complex and simple at the same time.

Please tell our Sheen readers something we should know about Leah?

I want people to know that I come from a long line of perseverance. I come from a lineage of slaves that started a freedman’s colony in Austin, Texas, that still stands today. I come from leadership and strength. My grandma’s prayers are what have truly been keeping me thus far. Through the ups and downs of my life, I know her protection has always been over me.

Give us the tea about Leah Lemonade?

That’s just it. It’s not tea because it’s a little too tart! I learned a long time ago, I’m not everyone’s cup of tea, but I’m everyone’s cup of Lemonade! Leah’s Lemonade started as a segment on the radio and blossomed unexpectedly into a full-on brand that’s been featured on TMZ, Entertainment Tonight, The Daily Mail, The Real Housewives of Potomac, and more. Suppose someone would have told me in 2017 when my college professor Jennifer Thomas suggested “Leah’s Lemonade” that the name would be on global media outlets in different languages. I wouldn’t have believed you! Branding, blessings, and being consistent is truly what have grown my little lemon trees over the years.

Leah, tell us about when or if you have ever experienced a challenging interview and how you handled that interview?

Most people would probably assume it was my Matthew Knowles interview because it went left and went VERY viral; however that’s not the most challenging. I was doing college radio, and a female artist (I won’t say her name) was really weird. I honestly felt like she was on drugs. Everything I asked had a very spacy and awkward response. Most of the Lemonade Stand knows my interviews are one of a kind because I connect with whoever I’m interviewing. However, she was so weird I couldn’t. That was one of the few interviews I had that made ME feel uncomfortable as the interviewer.

How has the pandemic impacted your career?

The Pandemic has been the BIGGEST blessing to my career. I had viral interviews attached to a former radio show I had been on. However, during the Pandemic, I had viral interviews with my OWN brand by MYSELF! It wasn’t Leah Henry or Leah’s Lemonade on ____’s show. It was viral interviews back-to-back by my brand and no major backing. In November of 2019, I was taken off a show that I thought would define my career. I was devastated. 2020 taught me it wasn’t the show that defined my career. It was me! My skills, my abilities, and the opportunities I created for myself would be what defined my career.

Do you have fun as a TV personality?

I love being on TV! I used to be a local TV producer, and sometimes I have to pinch myself! I always get chills when I see my interviews, my logos, and my pictures on TV. I had an HR director for a large media company tell me he would never hire me to be on the air as a talent. Now I’m on his competitor station every week. Moments like that keep me grounded and humble about my opportunities!

What advice can you give someone that would like to follow in your footsteps?

Keep going. God gives us promises that he doesn’t give to other people. Even when people around you don’t see it. Maybe it’s not for them to see! If the passion keeps you up at night, keep chasing and pursuing it! The media industry can be ugly, but you’ll illuminate in any space if you focus on being the light.

How do you measure your success?

To me, success is measured by legacy. Who and what you leave behind. In the grand scheme of things, my life won’t be that long compared to the span of the earth, but I just hope I touch people in my little time here. I pray that God’s promises on my life have a global impact and change people’s lives for the better. I hope to raise an army of solid media personalities behind me who aren’t afraid of being themselves and open to sharing their gifts with the world. I just pray that there will be echoes of my existence still evident and present on earth when I’m long and gone.

What’s next for the dynamic TV personality superstar?

I’m really at the point in my career where I don’t feel like I have anything to prove to anyone. My name and brand speaks for itself. I spent so long seeking validation from co-hosts, coworkers, executives, and managers that I forgot who and what I was doing this for. I recently realized that my focus is executing God’s plan and whatever that comes with it. When I used to worry, God took care of it, so why even worry?! I don’t know what’s next, but my haters should be on their toes, honey.

All images provided by Leah Henry