B. Snow is a 24-year-old quadruple threat born on the Westside of Chicago, Illinois. As a professional musician, music producer, media producer, recording/performing artist, and graphics designer he strives to build atmospheres and experiences that are both pleasing to God, and practical to people.

Many may know you as a multi-talented musical genius, can you tell us more about who is B. Snow?

B. Snow is a young black brilliant man from the Westside of Chicago who loves his family, his city, and above all of us Jesus, the Son of God. I am one who enjoys cinnamon raisin bagels and Toasted White Mochas with caramel drizzle. And I live to set atmospheres of Faith and Focus wherever I go.

Being a young man, you have sincerely accomplished so much. Have you always wanted to be an entrepreneur growing up?

To be completely honest with you, I didn’t know what an entrepreneur was until, like, 7 years ago. I just knew that I wanted to do it all and that I was going to be the best at it all. Grandma told me when I was a shorty to “stay busy so that you stay out the streets”. But I stayed busy because I wanted more from life than just surviving; I wanted to live and explore.

You’re also a multi-talented musician. How many instruments can you play, and which is your favorite?

Well, I’ve learned how to play quite a few instruments during my career as a musician. I used to play the trombone, but then my small little lungs couldn’t keep up with it (laughs). Currently, I know how to play the piano, drum set, and vibraphone/marimba. Percussive instruments, like congas/bongos and the timpani, are some instruments that I trained on classically. My favorites, though, are of course drums and keys (piano). But I really want to learn bass for sure!

On top of playing several instruments, you’re also a rapper. How long have you been rapping?

I started taking it seriously when I was a junior in high school after hearing so many great artists like Andy Mineo, KB, Trip Lee, Chance the Rapper, Naughty by Nature, and The D.O.C.!

But to be completely honest, I remember one day that my mom and I were going through some stuff from my early toddler day, and she found this handcrafted book that I made out of folded papers stapled together called “The Rap Book”. Man, that’s such a corny name (laugh).

You are currently working on your new projects; can you tell us a little about what we can expect when your EP drops?

This upcoming EP is going to be my first, and with that comes a lot of expectations that I have for myself! The goal is to speak on what it’s like to do the dirty work that no one wants to do. It’s all about diamonds and dreams, but never about the dirt.

As the CEO and founder of Brand-OH productions, can you tell us more about it?

Brand-OH Productions came from the desire to serve others with everything that I have to offer. “Brand-OH” kind of has a double meaning. The first is that whatever your brand goals are, our mission is to blow our clients’ minds! We aim to make your vision a reality, and to make it truly unbelievable! The second is simple; it’s also the name my grandma calls me and it’s as personal and unique as my fingerprint. Say it with your chest: “BRAND-OH!”

Recently launching a radio show, can you tell us what Brand-Oh Radio is geared around?

Brand-OH Radio Show is a branch off of the production company. With our target audience being teenagers and young adults, we aim to encourage and equip them to become better in work ethic, creative production, and professional development!

With multiple companies, being an artist and multi-talented musician, how do you balance everything successfully?

Honestly, I’m still figuring it all out as I go! But the main thing that has been cool to see myself grow in is TIME MANAGEMENT! I’m becoming better and better each day with preparing for what’s next, and it really makes me feel more mature!

What advice would you give someone, especially teens and young adults, that are interested in becoming an entrepreneur, artist, or musician?

DO NOT DISMISS WISDOM! Go to bed earlier (laughs), wake up earlier, do your homework, take out the trash, save your money, be kind to others, and most importantly: Hear God, Follow God, and flow in Life!

What would you like our readers to gain from this interview? 

Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all of His righteousness, and all of these things will be added unto you. I didn’t get to where I am known by just what I’ve done. God’s been looking out for the kid, yo!

How can people follow you and what you have coming up next?

Follow me everywhere @b.snowofficial

 Photos courtesy of ProShotsRaphael