It’s just been a couple days since Munroe Bergdorf publically denounced L’Oréal Paris’s Black Lives Matter post. However, moving forward Munroe has just been added as a consultant on the brand’s UK Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Board.

It was earlier this week when Munroe took it to Twitter to share, “This week, I spoke with L’Oréal Paris new president, Delphine Viguier, who reached out to me directly. We had an open and constructive conversation, she listened to what I had to say and expressed her regret for how the situation was handled three years ago.”

She added, “As an activist, part of my work is to encourage big businesses to understand their responsibility with regards to diversity and inclusion. It’s imperative that in all industries, a wide range of people from different backgrounds and experiences are in the room at all levels and in decision making roles, to reduce oversight and to create a product that is built with all people in mind.”

Included in her statement, Munroe revealed that the company will be donating €25,000 to UK-based charity Mermaids, which helps trans and gender-diverse children and young people, as well as a €25,000 to UK Black Pride.