The rising beat maker says rejection is just re-direction.

 For rising music producer SNT Cruze, he’s got more than just a talent – he’s a creative with a vision much larger than himself. The multi-hyphenate rapper, actor, and beat maker pivoted, re-locating from the rainy city of Seattle, Washington to Hollywood where dreams come true for those who dare to believe.

“I want my music to get people to ask more questions during those dark and lonely hours. I also want people to slow down when they’re flowing with the crowd, take a look around and enjoy the moment,” Cruze tells SHEEN.

Described by artists and musicians as a perfectionist, he’s one of the dopest producers and has been making an impact in the independent music scene for years. With his attention to details and strong work ethic industry executives and critics alike agree that crossing over into mainstream is inevitable. “Caring causes me to take longer on things because I want to put my all into whatever I’m doing. It puts a lot of stress on me, but it also gives a lot because you get what u give,” he said.

“Other than that, it would be amazing if I put out a song that people could still vibe to 20 years from now,” the producer added.

In a recent Instagram post, the producer opened up about his refusal to quit writing that “rejection is just re-direction.” Like many stars that have gone before him, he knows that it’s a part of the process, a part of the journey and he’s in it for the long run.

This past week, SNT Cruze sat down with SHEEN to discuss his journey, all things music, and words to live by.

What is unique about your journey as a producer? How do you describe your unique sound? 

My journey is unique as a producer because I never wanted to be a producer. My sound is very easy to listen to but at the same time addicting. My beats can be listened to by themselves without any vocals but aren’t complicated to the point that vocals won’t mesh in. I try to get my sounds to evoke a lot of senses but for me they evoke smells and memories. They’re like little time capsules or moving pictures. Whenever I hear a beat my brain automatically associates a memory and all the emotions and senses that come with it arise.

How long have you been a producer?

I’ve been producing and writing when I was 16, so almost 5 years. I started making beats because I needed something to rap over and I didn’t trust that online producers weren’t selling me previously sold beats.

What is your biggest accomplishment as a producer?

I’m proud that despite the over saturated market of beats and recycled tracks, that somehow my tracks sound refreshing but yet still fit the current wave. My biggest accomplishment is moving to LA to focus solely on my music.

What artists would you like to produce for? 

I’d like to produce for Eric Bellinger, Chris Brown, and/or Wiz Khalifa.

What words do you live by? 

Lately I’ve been living by “Let go let God.” My current life situation is full of uncertainty. A lot of things are out of my hands and the only peace and relief I get is by telling myself that God has a plan for me and that I don’t need to worry. I just have to keep working hard and believe in myself. I can’t start overthinking and tripping over myself.

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